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ISDAT Server (data base handler)

The ISDAT server accommodates the unpacking and calibration of experimental data as well as formatting of the data communicated to the clients requesting the data. The server is ususally designed to randomly access the raw data and is capable of handling a wide variety of requests in a general manner. Examples of such capabilities are data gap handling, interpolation, delivery of raw or calibrated data, supplying alphanumeric strings corresponding to delivered units, signals etc, searching in data according to user defined search criteria etc. The ISDAT server is also capable o responding to client queries regarding instrument descriptions and available data at the connected data base. The data is specified in terms of conceptual instruments that may or may not correspond to the actual hardware instruments. The conceptual instruments are described in a hierarchical manner as project-member-instrument-sensor-signal-channel-parameter. The ISDAT server can handle multi-di mensional, higher rank, matrix data etc. in a general data structure . Clients can connect to the server locally or remotely using TCP/IP protocol. Several servers can run simultaneously on one work station. The ISDAT server is built in a modular structure with all project specific software residing in separate modules. The local installation thus only includes one or several project modules of use for that particular installation. As an example of the use of an ISDAT server, please consult the Cluster CSDS User Interface ISDAT server user manual.

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