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Available server modules

To read data from a specific instrument ISDAT need a server module for that instrument. Currently there are modules avaliable for the following instruments

  • ASTRID_2 Swedish microsatelite.
    • LINDA
    • EMMA
  • CASSINI NASAs full scale mission to Saturn.
    • LP, Plasma density measurement.
  • CSDS Special cdf format for the Cluster II mission. Low time resolution data from all instruments onboard are avaliable in this format.
  • EISCAT, Radar measurements of the Ionosphere. Uses an old data format no longer used for Eiscat data.
  • FLATFILE, A project independent asci file format using the same format as the output of iscmd.
  • FREJA, Swedish/German satellite.
    • F1 electric field measurements.
    • F4, wave and plasma density instrument.
  • IDFS2ISDAT Servermodule to read the IDFS date format into ISDAT.
    • Makes it possible to read PEACE data, part of the CLUSTER II satelite project.
  • TEST, available on all servers. For testing and debugging purpose.
    • SINE
    • SQUARE
    • NOISE
  • VIKING, Swedens first satellite.
    • V2
    • V4L
    • V4H
  • WEC, The Cluster II Wave Experiment Consortium.
    • ASPOC, keeps the Cluster satellites potential at a constant level.
    • DWP, particle correlator.
    • EFW measures electric fields and waves in space.
    • EPH
    • HKEEP
    • STAFF, measures AC magnetic field.
    • WBD, high frequency electric or magnetic field component measurements.
    • WHI