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ISDAT Use and distribution policy

ISDAT is a software package originating at IRF-U for analysis of data from satellite and other space physics related projects. The ISDAT system is available, free of charge, to individual scientists and research groups within the space physics community under the following conditions:
  1. IRF-U takes no responsibility for errors, nor for any other problems or consequences related to the use of ISDAT.
  2. No part of the package may be used in any commercial activity, nor may it be re-distributed to other parties.
  3. Instrument specific parts of the system are not included in the open distribution.
  4. IRF-U takes no responsibility for the maintenance of the system.
  5. It is the user's responsiblity to fetch, build, and update their systems.
  6. IRF-U does not guarantee access to the ISDAT ftp server at all times.
  7. In return for the free usage of the ISDAT software, qualified users are expected to contribute to the system within their fields of expertize.
  8. Parts contributed by non-IRF laboratories or individuals are subject to the same policy as described above.

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