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Available clients

The ISDAT front end that is visible to the user consists of a number of client applications that fill different needs. With the now available set of clients it is possible to do almost anything with data read into the ISDAT database.

  • General Clients, These are clients designed to work on all available dataset.

    • IGR, for some people, the world of ISDAT. A client whose purpose is to perform simple calculations on data and to produce plots consisting of nice line plots and 2d-color plots (e.g. spectrograms). This is a excellent way to turn data into postscript. Run it from ctm.

    • Search, makes it possible to search datasets using the following operators +, -, *, /, &&, ||, &. |, >, < and == together with quantities of data. Started from ctm.

    • Notes, The idea of this client is to associate a special dataset with some text notes in order to free the brain for more important thoughts. Run it from ctm.

    • Iscommand, a simple command tool that outputs the requested data as tabulated text on standard output. Run it from the shell as iscmd.

    • Goodlook, simple program to display datasets. Uses the Java API and runs on all platforms.

    • Swan, Runs inside IDL and make use of the IDL API described below.

    • Mig, Runs inside Matlab and make use of the Matlab API described below. Contact Jan-Erik Wahlund for more information.

  • API Clients, These are interfaces between the ISDAT database and some programming language as Matlab, IDL or Perl. In the same time they are also general clients since it makes sense to use them on arbitrary datasets. They work as procedure calls delivering data into the used language.

    • Matlab

    • IDL

    • Perl

    • Java

    • OpenDX

    • Shell

  • Specific Clients, these programs are project dependent since they do operations on the data that don't make sense or maybe are impossible on any other data source.

    • efwstat, Cluster

    • whk, Cluster

    • cuimeta, Csds

    • cuistat, Csds

    • extract_sweep, Freja

    • fstat,
    • Freja

    • lhc_detect, Freja

    • vstat, Viking