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Release notes for Isdat 2.8.1r released on Jan 26, 2004.

This is release 2.8.1r of the isdat database system. It is *not*
a mayor public release but rather a reference tag of the cvs in
its current state before next full release to come, 2.9.0 where
the structure among the directories and files will change. Hence
a backward reference is in place.

Newer the less lots of things has changed in Isdat since the
2.8.0 release. 

EFW server:

	- Several bugfixes.
	- Improved timing on data.
	- Updated to work with new flight software V. 2.4.

	  *** IMPORTANT ***
	  The server keeps track of which FSW version that is 
	  in use by writing this to the indexfiles. This means
	  all wec indexfiles must be remade in order for this
	  version of the EFW server to work.
          *** IMPORTANT ***

DWP server:

	- Many new instrument added.

Eph server:

	- Maglib updated to V. 2.0.

Hkeep server:

	- Now handles the WEC HK sliding window bytes.


	- New operator, slwin, applies a sliding window to
	  EFW HK data.
	- New operator, exp().
	- The resample operator updated.
	- The ctdep operator updated.


	- Many bugs in the postscript plotting fixed.
	- Help files updated.
	- Plotting with tick marks improved.


	- Now returns error codes upon dbh crach or other
	  communications errors instead of just exiting.


	- pingdbh now can take an isURI as dbh to ping.

Isdat overall:

	- Builds on MacOsX.
	- Generic Makefiles in each directory, instead of
	  the earlier ones with hardcoded paths inside them.
	- No absolute links in the build anymore.
	- Improved building on FreeBSD.

And this is it for now
/Tobias Eriksson 2004 01 26