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Changes in ISDAT since 2.6.3

000801 trav: introduced $ISDAT_HOME/clients/general/sssdxc/ which is a client
	running under opendDX with ability to ingest data from an ISDAT server.

000826 al: Commented the line CONFIGURESUBDIRS = sssdxc in clients/general/Imakefile, 
	  it failed to configfure. Had to add the dummy line CONFIGURESUBDIRS = koko
	  to proceed.

000826 al: Removed f1view from SUBDIRS in clients/freja/Imakefile. The f1view client 
	  uses matlab.

000826 al: Changed
	  #define DefaultCDebugFlags -g
	  #define DefaultCDebugFlags -g
	  in config/cf/

000826 al: Enhanced clients/cluster/efwstat.

000828 al: Fix in server/Csds/MapAdmin.c line 984 to allow CSDS files without 
	  Data_intervals global attribute (this is the new fashion).

000830 al: Fixed burst timing code for Cluster 2 in server/Wec.

000830 al: New fgm code in server/Wec/Fgm.

000830 al: To build new Fgm code the following option in config/cf/ was needed 
	  to allow C++ comments:
	  #     define DefaultCCOptions -Xc -xCC

000916	Fixes in $ISDAT_HOME/Wec/Fgm/. In Isutil.c, I had to replace the cftime() 
	lib function, due to nonportability, and instead use the strftime() function.
	In some of other functions, I had to remove c++ style commments.
	I had to introduce a typedef struct dirent dirent_t; line in fgmcal.c
	for compatibility. (Many systems do not automatically typedef this
	struct, but Solaris does this)

000916	Moved the $ISDAT_HOME/APIs directory to $ISDAT_HOME/clients/APIs. This
	is because logically the APIs should be under the clients directory.

000916	Applied changes in $ISDAT_HOME/operators/fft/fftop.c authored by Björn Lybeckk.
	The change corrects the units of the results.

001031  Applied changes in $ISDAT_HOME/server/Wec authored by Anders lundgren.
	These fixes fall into two categories:
	  1) fix to properly handle multiple data source directories for WEC.
		Files:  FileUtil.c (r1.2), InProgress.c (r1.2), Locate.c (r1.2), Orbit.h (r1.2).
	  2) fix for bug in Burst data handling
		Files: InEfw.c (r1.2)

001114  Fixed the igr calculator handling of dim 1 rank 2 data objects (such as Staff_SA).

001121  Made significant upgrade of the perl API. Now almost has same basic functionality
        as the c-language API.

001122  Added Bjorn Lybekks indexprint (renamed it to dumpCluIndex) and placed
        it as ISDAT_HOME/util/dumpCluIndex.

001128  Correct calibration of density mode measurement.

001128  Removed the dependence of iscmd on X11 coupled ISDAT libs: "Ui" and "Is".
        "iscmd" now completely windows independent.

001129  Introduced "calibrated" N data in Efw/EfwCal.c This means I substracted the offset current.

001130  In the EfwGetFreqEntry() and the GetOffsetEntry() in Efw/EfwCal.c the SWEEP
        channel is mapped to EFIELD and EFW_U and therefore will be calibrated similarily.

001201  Incorporated new Ted 2.4 version into WEC/ISDAT. The lex and yacc portions
        had to be built on Solaris. Minor hacks: worked around global declarations set to "stdin"
        and "stdout" by transforming into #defines.

001204  Replaced the $ISDAT_HOME/Makefile with $ISDAT_HOME/Makefile.ini in the cvs
        repository. This partly resolves the absolute path problem, i.e. that some parts of the
        ISDAT installation made absolute references instead of relative.

001205  Made numerous fixes which arose when I tried to compile ISDAT on HP-UX >10.
        A few were hp specific. Some changes which could effect other systems were
        changed <> to "" in some include statements in convert.h, dsd.h, misc.h,
        unpack.h, xmacros.h in $ISDAT/server/Wec/Ted/ and
        I changed the "+=" operator in $ISDAT_HOME/config/cf/Imake.tmpl and
        I made some modifications in $ISDAT/server/Wec/Staff because undefined
        second dimension in array argument in a function declaration.

001206  Installed the Wbd_dsn v1 I got from Iowa. I had endian problems with some
        fread() functions which read a whole struct containing shorts and ints.
        Had create a function which reversed the byte order. I also released
        that one should not use the number "0" in a DbDataSpec in a DbDataObject
        since this has a special meaning as "wild card". I changed this in the
        Wbd_dsn code so that the sensor signal and channel were returned correctly
        back to the client (IGR did not printout the full logical instrument for wbd).

001207  Changed the behaviour of iscmd so that it complains when the command line
        given logical instrument does not exist on the server. Before it was
        quiet, and one could not distiguish between existing or nonexisting instruments.

001208  Cleaned up iscmd. Removed old comments added new. Removed the directory wide
        include file inc.h to emforce so that each c source explicitly includes by
        itself. Also removed some remanent dependencies on X11.

001209  Replaced aliasl.c, aliasy.c, calenuml.c, calenumy.c, calpointl.c, and
        calpointy.c in $ISDAT_HOME/server/Wec/Ted/ with the coresponding files
        but built on a solaris 2.5 system. The previous were built on a solaris 2.8.
        The problem was that the new c sources used the inttyp.h include which
        does not exist on older systems. These c files are built using yacc and lex.
        I also had to comment out the global assignment to stdin and stdout in these files.

001210:blybekk Fixed the igr batch mode. Fix in igr for crash on NULL data. Changed
        font size for data version. Added UpdateQuantityDialog in get_data.c.
        Updated man for igr.
        Fixs for Efw in EfwBias.c and a fix for crashs on bad lists in index files.

001211  Fixed a memory leakage caused when repeatedly requesting data from Wec/Eph.
        Memory was malloc'ed in WecReadStof() for the StofRec structure in the pOrbit
        variable every time the funtion was called. I changed the code so that only
        if the memory was not allocated would any memory be allocated. The memory should
        get freed eventually in the WecFreeOrbit() funtion.

001220  Made numerous fixes in perl/ and perl/iscmdpl. Also created a new perl 
        package: perl/ The perl API now handle multisectional data and also
        the coordinate system related field in the DataObject. The retrival of
        basic Cluster data now work.

010116  Made the necesary changes to the mex source under
        $ISDAT_HOME/clients/APIs/matlab/Tm_mex/ so that they would compile under
        matlab V5. V5 has complex data objects and the ISDAT data structures could
        be cast into such objects but for the time being I have stuck to the old
        data structure architecture. Now the whole matlab API compiles and works

010117  Installed modifications authored by the Staff team in $ISDAT_HOME/server/Wec/Staff/.

010125 simon: Corrected the timing error:qw:; in Eph/EphCalcPhase.c and Eph/EphPhase.c

010126 jz: Splitup the old operators/coord_tr/ into two directories operators/ct and operators/despin.
       The despin contains the routines to transform the rotating spacecraft reference system to a
       nonrotating "inertial" system. The ct contains the coordinate transformation routines which 
       transform the despun data in to standard coordinate systems such GSE, GSM etc. The split
       has been done to separate the cluster specific "despin" from the coordinate transformation
       which are not project specific.

010126 bhn: Introduced modifications from VMS compatibility.

010127 Changed so that the default unit for differential probe voltage is in [mV/m] 
       (i.e. a true E-field), but the default unit for individual probe potential data is still in [V].

010128 Added the files Imakefile, Makefile and ct_observation_sides in $ISDAT_HOME/operators/despin
	These were missing when jz commit the despin.

010201 Updated to latest version of StateWec, which is version 2.3.
       Details at

010202 In clients/general/iscmd/ClGetData.c: Fixed the printout of some the dimension = 1 
       dataTypes by correcting index iteration formulas.
       Also, I changed the behaviour of the printout so that the printed sample
       timestamp is relative a reference time which is the same as the requested
       start time. Previously, the samples were timestamped relative to the first
       sample of outputed dataObject.
       In clients/APIs/perl/ changed the query function so that ALL logical instruments
       will be returned not only science instruments.

010206 blybekk: Added new colors to igr, e.g. the color magenta which is the official color
	       for the cluster spacecraft Tango (s/c 4). Also fixed the button in the progress

010209 guirriec: Provided update of the Whi submodule for the Wec module in $ISDAT_HOME/server/Wec/Whi/.
                 This update constitutes version 2.2 of the Whi submodule. Changes were made in the
		 following WhiData.c WhiInit.c WhiQuery.c calib.c dnaturel.c dsound.c dwhisper.c extr_fft.c

010210 tc In lib/Db/GetData.c, fixed a mistake concerning the determination of the 
          quantityString of returned DataObjects.     

010213 tc In server/Csds/, changes in C.h GetData.c MapAdmin.c VarData.c added libCsds.h.
        Implemented some fixes provided by Pavel Travnicek.
	Fixes for case when "double interval" is "NaN" and a fix for the fact that the
	"time interval" and "dt of single sample" are not necessarily equal.
	He also added numerous debug printouts and c++ support.

010214 tobych, server/Wec/Dwp/, Update of the Dwp submodule to Cluster II. Now
	version is DWP_4.1. Added README file, check it for details.

010216 blybekk, clients/igr, Modification in numerous files. Added functionality
	for labeling plot axes.

010219 bhn, server/Wec/Staff, Modification to avoid a collision with the Whi code
	using the variable frequency.

010225 tc, clients/Imakefile, Changed the #if clauses to #ifdef clauses since the
	server modules are simply define or not defined (not set to YES or NO).

010225 al, server/Wec/ GetData.c InFunc.c Locate.c Orbit.h Read.c
	This is my first attempt at allow data to be retrieved over a file split.
	It gives a 7 second data gap at the crossover point.
	I have tested it somewhat but I trust that some of you will do further testing.

010226 aie, server/Wec/Efw/EfwCal.c, Changed the sign of the calibrated electrid field.

010228 tc, clients/APIs/matlab/, Added new mex function Mat_DbGetDataLite() which is a greatly improved
	version of the Mat_DbGetData() function. It handles all the scientific datatypes of the cluster
	mission such as with up to 2 dimensions, rank 2 and complex numbers and produces the equivalent
	dataobject in matlab and with half of the code. Time returned is as an array of doubles instead
	of seconds and nanoseconds.

010303 blybekk, clients/general/igr/, Updated spectrum plots after the multiple x-label upgrade. (It crashed
	immediately directly after the upgrade. Now Ok)

010308 tc, Incremented the isdat patch level. ISDAT version now at 2.7.1.

010903 tc, Upgraded to StWec2.4 in $ISDAT_HOME/server/Wec/stwec. 
	 Files modified were ReadMacroDat.c S.h WecMode.c

010904 tc, Corrected printout order of dim=2 dataObjects in iscmd 
	in $ISDAT_HOME/clients/general/iscmd/ClGetData.c

010905 simon, Added Maglib v1.1 code under $ISDAT_HOME/lib/Maglib. Eph was also
	updated to produce magnetic coordinate logical instruments. (To work
	will probably require users to edit their site.def to activate Fortran)

010905 simon, Added code for resample, ct_dep, and sr2gse under 

010906 tc, Fixed hanging indexgen for Csds. $ISDAT_HOME/server/Csds/MapAdmin.c.