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This is the README file for the 
a special ISDAT version 2.6.1r, released 
on April 11, 2000. This file contains:
  - release notes,
  - installation notes,
  - contact information,
to be found below. All ISDAT/WEC module specific 
information is contained in the README-WEC 
files. Information on different ISDAT issues
can be found in the "doc" directory in the ISDAT 
installation root. For more general information on 
the ISDAT system see "". 

Release notes for ISDAT v2.6.1r

This is a special ISDAT release,
it contains only restricted set of source
code from the full ISDAT.
This release came in responce to
the decision at the WEC-data meeting
held in Uppsala 2000-04-10, for a immediate
testing purposes. It is therefore
NOT A RECOMMENDED version for end-users,
but rather for developement purposes.
Furthermore the Wec server module, with
all the wec instrument submodules, is
included in this release, it is not
necessary to retrieve it seperately.

Installation Notes for ISDAT v2.6.1

ISDAT v2.6.1r can be downloaded by ftp.
The URL is
To build and install ISDAT please follow these steps:

1) Unzip and untar the "isdat_2.6.1r.tar.gz" file in
   the directory you wish the ISDAT installation
   to reside.
2) cd into the isdat_2.6.1 directory.

3) Set the "ISDAT_HOME" environment variable 
   to the location of your isdat installation.
4) cd to $ISDAT_HOME/config/cf and edit the
   "site.def" file to reflect the resources of
   the host the ISDAT installation will be
   build on. Look through the macro variables
   in this file and this only and change "NO" 
   to "YES" if you should have that particular 
   resource on your host. Typical things to 
   configure are cdf, matlab, gcc etc. NOTE
   THAT IF YOU DO NOT HAVE CDF please remove
   the $ISDAT_HOME/server/Csds directory or
   rename $ISDAT_HOME/server/Csds/Init.c to
   something else.
5) cd to $ISDAT_HOME.

6) Type "make isdat" at the shell prompt.

You should see alot of build information sent to
the screen. The time to complete the full isdat
build depends on your system, typically
about 10 min(at least on my sparc ultra 60). 
Remember that all exectuables 
are located in $ISDAT_HOME/bin. There is no "install"
procedure so you may want to create system wide links
to these binaries or at least update your PATH environment

If your installation does not build please go back check 
that the ISDAT_HOME variable and the 
$ISDAT_HOME/config/cf/site.def file is set correctly.
copy $ISDAT_HOME/Makefile.ini to $ISDAT_HOME/Makefile
and repeat the installation procedure from step 5 above.

At this point if still are unable to build the
isdat system or if something in the installation process
is unclear please contact

ISDAT v2.6 should build without major modifications on
all systems supported by itools v6.3. Empirically verified
builds on:

	- Sun sparc/i386 solaris v2.5-2.7 using gcc 
	  or SUNWspro cc,
	- HP-UX 10.20. (HP-UX 11.0 will work if one
	  sets IMAKECPP=/usr/ccs/lbin/cpp and 
	- Linux/redhat 5.2 with lesstif 0.88

  Thanks to all ISDAT/WEC users who 
  helped with bug reports, source code 
  contributions, advice and suggestions.
  It is your contributions which to put
  back momentum to ISDAT/WEC developement
  which it so desperately needed after
  the Cluster I disaster.
  Contact Information

  Please send bug reports, successful build reports on
  systems not mentioned here or any inquires related to
  the ISDAT system to "". All feed-back is
  kindly appreciated, thank you :-)
Date:	000411
Author:	Tobia Carozzi,