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From Fri Dec 15 16:55 MET 1995

Release notes for ISDAT 2.3.

Documentation is available from by anonymous ftp
in directory pub/isdat/doc, the file pub/isdat/doc/README
lists the documents.
The information can also be accessed using your favorite
web browser to connect to

ISDAT package (isdat-2.3.tar.gz)

Available from by anonymous ftp in directory pub/isdat.

To install:
gzcat isdat-2.3.tar.gz | tar xf -
install any extra instrument modules, see below
cd isdat
make isdat

You may want to customize the config file for your computer:
isdat/config/cf/ for Solaris 2.x
isdat/config/cf/ for HP-UX
isdat/config/cf/ for DEC OSF1

The features you may need to disable is:

You must install the CDF library to build ISDAT, the IGR
client depends on it.
The default configuration files expects it in /opt/cdf.
You can either get the source from
or get the precompiled archive cdf-2.5-sol2.4.tar.gz
from the WEC ftp server at in the isdat
directory (same place as the ISDAT distribution).
To unpack, do:
	cd /opt
	gzcat cdf-2.5-sol2.4.tar.gz | tar xf -

Igr client now supports the concept of operators. Two operators
have been bundled:
despin	- coordinate transformations for CLUSTER written by Joe Zender, Estec.
fft	- fft functions written by Michael Thomsen, Estec.

Operators can be entered in the calculator as
p0y = fft(q0)
To bring up the user interface (control panel) associated with the
fft the word fft needs to be selected by dragging over it with
the left mouse button pressed, then select Edit->Operator.
The word selection is done in the top text field after the
equation has been transfered to the equation list by pressing
the Apply button.

The operator facility is not yet documented.

You need to set the XUSERFILESEARCHPATH environment variable:


If you don't you will get bad labels on buttons and menues in
some clients and cuitm.

Freja F4 module (Freja4-2.3.tar.gz)

Available from in frejaftp ftp account in directory isdat.

To install:
cd isdat/server
gzcat Freja4-2.3.tar.gz | tar xf -
cd ..
make isdat

To locate your data files you need to edit the lines

*          $HOME/data/freja/data
*.freja4.index:         $HOME/data/freja/index
*           $HOME/data/freja/cal
*.freja4.log:           $HOME/data/freja/log
*.freja4.debug:         $HOME/data/freja/debug

in the file isdat/config/isdat.server.
The default directory for the data files is $HOME/data/freja/data but
can be changed by editing isdat/config/isdat.server.
The default directory for index files is $HOME/data/freja/index, if
it doesn't exist you need to create it.
You also need to create $HOME/data/freja/cal and $HOME/data/freja/log.
The time calibration file should be named $HOME/data/freja/cal/time.
The geometry information file should be named $HOME/data/freja/cal/geometry.
The time and geometry files are provided with the distribution of
the module.

The module now supports the modes:

F2 all modes
F4 standard mode
F4 burst mode
F4 continuous mode LF and LFMF

SMM modes are not implemented.

Use the overview client (requires PHIGS) too see which F4 signals
that are available.
You can also use fstat.
Examples of choices that gives data in the default instrument modes are:
f2 -> x -> dc
f4 -> n -> p3
f4 -> de -> p12 -> lf
f4 -> de -> pab -> hf

Wec module (Wec-2.3.tar.gz)

Available from in wecftp ftp account in directory isdat.

To install:
cd isdat/server
gzcat Wec-2.3.tar.gz | tar xf -
cd ..
make isdat

Make sure that the directory pointed to by *.cluster.index
is empty before starting the server. Old index files from
previous versions are not compatible with this version.
The index files will be built the first time a Content
is requested from the time manager. A bug in the time
manager causes the "waiting for server" popup dialog window
to stay on screen even when the task is completed, moving
the cursor in and out of the window causes it to disappear
and the content window to be displayed.

To locate your data files you need to edit the lines

*.cluster.rdm:          $HOME/data/cluster/RDM
*          $HOME/data/cluster/DDS
*.cluster.testdata:     $HOME/data/cluster/data

in the file isdat/config/isdat.server. In the current
release the dds and testdata doesn't work.
The value given to *.cluster.rdm needs to be a directory
with subdirectories named after the CDROM volume label.
Doing an ls -l on it should give:

drwxrwxr-x   7 al       isdat        512 May  8 23:49 950323_1_2a/
drwxrwxr-x   8 al       isdat        512 May 24 14:31 950323_2_2a/
drwxrwxr-x   8 al       isdat        512 May 24 14:31 950324_1_1a/

if all three test CDROMS from the MCT are loaded or copied.

Doing a Content on the time manager shows extra intervals for
the burst science data, this will be corrected in a later version.

The decommutation software is based on TED 2.1.4.

Anders Lundgren
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, S-755 91 Uppsala, Sweden
Phone: +46 18 303644  Fax: +46 18 403100