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Reine Gill

2004-01-26 17:34  tobbe

	* INSTALL, README: Updated the README file and build instructions
	in the INSTALL file.

2004-01-26 16:11  tobbe

	* doc/: README-2.7.2, README-2.8.0: Moved the 2-7-2 and 2-8-0
	readme files to the doc folder for future references. Soon a new
	2-8-1 text file will be added.

2004-01-23 13:23  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpData.c, Dwp.h, DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h,
	DwpQuery.c: Added idisp_spec_*, returning hardwired values for now

2003-12-03 11:42  tobbe

	* scripts/my_isdat_profile.csh: Small cosmetic changes.

2003-12-03 11:35  tobbe

	* scripts/my_isdat_profile: Minor changes, fixed one
	LD_LIBRARY_PATH to DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH on MacOsX.  Put {} around all
	expanded variables.

2003-11-25 12:44  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwMux.c: Added Burst bugfix by Anders Tjulin,
	Fixes a bug with causing mixing of quantities in internal bursts
	with eight quantities.	Also fixes a bug where data that does not
	exist gets deliverd.

2003-11-18 19:43  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/x11.c: Just changed some comments for testing
	the cvs commit.

2003-11-13 15:58  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/DwpExtract.c: Merged in from head of
	dwp_4_5-branch to add new instrument

2003-11-13 15:58  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpData.c, DwpQuery.c, DwpExtract.h: Merged in
	from head of dwp_4_5-branch to add new instruments

2003-11-13 15:57  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/Dwp.h: Merged in from head of dwp_4_5-branch to
	add new instruments CVg: Committing in .

2003-11-13 15:50  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/DwpExtract.c: Got idisp (fixed) working and idisp
	(stepped) in but haven't tested it.

2003-11-06 15:41  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/DwpExtract.c: - Changed floats to doubles for
	count rate calculations - Using alpha=1.0/12.0 for count rate

2003-11-05 09:26  yuri

	* clients/general/notes/notes.h: Fix compilation on FreeBSD

2003-11-04 15:21  yuri

	* server/common/Imakefile: Fix compilation on FreeBSD

2003-11-04 12:20  yuri

	* lib/: Is/IsI.h, Pf/Pf/frejamag.c: Fix compilation on FreeBSD

2003-11-04 12:17  yuri

	* lib/: Db/libInt.c, Ui/UiI.h: Fix compilation on FreeBSD

2003-11-04 12:04  yuri

	* config/cf/ Add CDF defs

2003-11-04 12:00  yuri

	* config/cf/Isdat.rules: fix syntax to enable compile on FreeBSD

2003-11-04 11:46  yuri

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/fromepoch.m: Use new function
	epoch2date to convert to Matlab date format and then Matlab's
	DATEVEC for conversion to YY MM DD ...	This makes this function
	~2000 times faster on large time arrays.

2003-11-04 11:43  yuri

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/epoch2date.m: Add a new function to
	convert ISDAT epoch to Matlab Date format

2003-10-17 20:26  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/batch.c: Restriction on how many times the
	batch timer can put the request back on the stack. The igr will
	terminate after 100 "put backs".

2003-10-14 12:51  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/IsURI.c: Changed first instance of strcat in
	IsSpecName2URI to strcpy.

2003-10-13 18:24  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/: hardcopy.c, panel_func.c: Bug fixed when
	plotting "equal panel size" and one of the panels where empty.

2003-10-12 22:12  tobbe

	* config/isdat.server: Added Astrid 2 to the configuration file.

2003-09-24 15:05  tobbe

	* lib/Db/: StringFunc.c, Dbdef.h: Added a new Db error code to
	Dbdef.h, DbBAD_FILE which is returned on some filesystem error like
	non existing fils or wrong file permissions. Added it to
	DbErrorString in StringFunc.c as well.	Puted a Dblib version
	defines into Dbdef.h, can be used by isversion to report Dblib
	version, Started counting with first cvs version as 1.0.0 and this
	commit as 1.1.0 .

2003-09-24 15:00  tobbe

	* lib/Db/Db.h: Inserted #ifdef PROXY on proxy speciffic rows.

2003-09-24 14:58  tobbe

	* lib/Db/: streams.c, GetData.c, Open.c, libInt.c: Did some more
	work on the task of cleaning the Db lib from sudden exits.  Now
	removed all exits from streams.c. The functions in this file now
	returns a negative number on failure and (I hope) they clean memory
	before returning the error. Bug fixes in libInt.c Open.c GetData.c.

2003-09-05 16:08  tobbe

	* scripts/my_isdat_profile: Added {} to the PATH variable and
	changed some default values to resonable settings.

2003-09-02 14:18  tobbe

	* clients/APIs/matlab/Db_mex/Mat_DbGetDataLite.c: Added a special
	case for DbTYPE_REAL_UCHAR type data, this is just copied byte by
	byte into the data buffer.

2003-09-01 13:20  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpData.c, Dwp.h, DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h,
	DwpQuery.c: Added idisp_fixed and idisp_stepped logical

2003-08-29 15:58  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpCal.c, DwpData.c, DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h,
	Makefile.ini, nr.h: Merged in changes from the mainline.

2003-08-29 15:42  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: Dwp.h, DwpData.c, DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h,
	DwpQuery.c, Makefile: Added CR_EST code. Not checked by AB yet.

2003-08-27 19:29  tobbe

	* lib/Db/man/: DbUpload.3, DbDownload.3, DbGetContent.3,
	DbGetData.3, DbGetInfo.3, DbOverview.3, DbPrepareData.3, DbQuery.3,
	DbControl.3: Changed the man pages to reflect the resent changes in
	the libDb.

2003-08-27 18:45  tobbe

	* lib/Db/LiHosts.c: Adendum to previous comment. DbLiHosts uses
	anoterh interface then other Db functions. Instead of returning
	DbSUCCESS or some Db error value it retruns a DbHost* pointer and a
	NULL pointer on failure. This gives compilation warnings in the
	GetReq macro. Not so much to do about this.

2003-08-27 18:36  tobbe

	* lib/Db/libint.h: The GetReq... macros now return DbBAD_INTERNAL
	if _DbFlush fails. This is not realy a problem since all uses of
	them occur in the begining of func- tions, before any mallocs.
	The Data macro is obsolute and DataRoutineIsProcedure is now
	defined to make shure that the function version is used instead of
	macro (to avoid doing return from inside a macro).

2003-08-27 18:29  tobbe

	* lib/Db/libInt.c: Changed the function _DbIOError so it not exits
	any more, instead DbBAD_INTERNAL is returned.
	Changed the return value of the database communication procedures:
	Data, _DbEatDataPad, _DbEatData, _DbSend, _DbReadPad, _DbRead16Pad,
	_DbRead16, _DbRead16Pad, _DbRead16, _DbRead32, _DbRead, _DbFlush so
	they all return DbBAD_INTERNAL if any communication error occurs
	with the dbh. In all calls to any of those functions the return
	value is checked and returned.

2003-08-27 17:39  tobbe

	* lib/Db/ConnDis.c: Changed _DbWaitForWritable and
	_DbWaitForReadeble so they now return DbSUCCESS on success and
	DbBAD_INTERNAL if some communication error occurs (as real Isdat
	tradition implyes).

2003-08-27 17:25  tobbe

	* lib/Db/Control.c: if _DbReply happens to something else than
	DbSUCCESS DbControll now returns DbBAD_INTERNAL, probably a server

2003-08-27 17:21  tobbe

	* lib/Db/Spec2Name.c: Fixed a memory leek that whas if DbQuery
	returned error.

2003-08-27 17:19  tobbe

	* lib/Db/: GetInfo.c, Hosts.c, LiHosts.c, Open.c, Download.c,
	GetContent.c, GetData.c, Overview.c, PrepareData.c, Query.c,
	Search.c, Sync.c, Upload.c: I have change the libDb so it not extis
	on a fatal dbh error anymore.  Instead it returns a error value
	(DbBAD_INTERNAL) trough the library and is returned by these Db...
	functions. Any allocated memory is freed so there should be no
	memory leeks.

2003-08-27 17:06  tobbe

	* lib/Db/Dbdata.h: Added #include  so the file can
	compile by its own.

2003-08-18 13:08  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwMux.c: Moved the check if (!mp): return 0; to
	before the mp pointer is dereferenced.

2003-07-29 11:30  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/man/IsServerConfig.3: Fixed the manpage so it reflexts
	more of realety. Returnvalue is char *, function is not rentrant.

2003-06-26 20:20  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwQuery.c: 
	Added V23M in menus, as this can occur with EFW FSW 2.4.

2003-06-26 20:19  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwMux.c: 
	Added support for the new functions in FSW 2.4. The FSW version is
	now in the index (execVer, see also files Index.h and Index.c in
	the WEC server), and the sign difference between V34 (as put into
	TM by v2.4) and the mux quantity V43 is taken into account for use
	in calibrations (see EfwCal.c and also Orbit.h and Read.c in the
	WEC server).

2003-06-26 20:16  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwCal.c: 
	Entered support for differing between the mux quantity V43 and the
	quantity V34 sometimes put into the telemetry by FSW 2.4. This uses
	the variable calsign -- see also files Orbit.h and Read.c in the
	WEC server.

2003-06-26 20:14  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/E.h: 
	Changed the names of EFW HX functions 0x1e and 0x1f as they mean
	different things in FSW 2.1-2.3 than in 2.4.

2003-06-26 20:12  aie

	* server/Wec/: Orbit.h, Read.c: 
	Added sign of calibration for EFW V34/V43 in struct efw.

2003-06-26 20:10  aie

	* server/Wec/: Index.c, Index.h: 
	Added support for EFW flight software version in index.

2003-06-16 13:44  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/Dynamic.c: Changed the dynamic loading of operators on
	MacOsX so the boundles now are loaded privatly to avoid function
	naming conflicts.

2003-06-12 19:43  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/postscript/post_func.c: Fixed bug on limited
	postscript resolution. When two points had the same x-coordinate
	the algorithm failed  (as in cluster->ephemeris->phase_2).

2003-06-05 17:38  tobbe

	* operators/: acos/Imakefile, asin/Imakefile, atan2/Imakefile,
	av/Imakefile, avspect/Imakefile, correl/Imakefile, ct/Imakefile,
	ctdep/Imakefile, despin/Imakefile, exp/Imakefile, fft/Imakefile,
	pow/Imakefile, probedir/Imakefile, resample/Imakefile,
	slwin/Imakefile, sqrt/Imakefile, sr2gse/Imakefile, test/Imakefile:
	Added #ifdef __DARWIN__ to 3 places in the Imakefiles, These
	operator lib- raries are loaded dynamicaly by igr when using the
	calculator. On MacOsX this means they have to be built as mach-o
	bundles. Loadeble modules that only can be dynamicaly loaded and
	not linked against. This is a different build process and hence the
	change to the Imakefiles.

2003-06-04 20:09  tobbe

	* config/cf/darwinLib.rules: Added a rule, SharedDepModuleTarget,
	for building MacOsX loadeble modules.  These are signifficant
	different than unix shareble objects (.so files) and must be built
	in a special way. Give SharedDepModuleTarget the name of the module
	(no extensions) and the version number (2.0 form) and it will give
	you targets for building the objects, the module and a clean

2003-06-04 19:39  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/: Dynamic.c, Dynamic.h: Added code for loading of
	dynamic modules on MacOsX, they are different from .so lib and have
	extension .bundle. As far as I understand there are no errors
	returned when loading and thous IsLibError returns NULL on MacOsX.

2003-06-03 13:19  tobbe

	* server/Csds/ShortenLabelStrings.c: Added a #ifdef __DARWIN__
	since versions of MacOsX < 10.2 seems to come witout a strtok_r

2003-06-03 13:11  tobbe

	* config/cf/:,,, site.def_DEFAULT, Moved the platform speciffic matlab paths out of site.def
	to the different platform files, site.def now only contains the
	matlab inatall path to set.

2003-06-02 18:32  tobbe

	* config/imake/: Makefile, Makefile.ini: Reverted to the earlier
	handmade Makefile since I accidently overwrote them with my new
	generic ones.

2003-06-02 17:51  tobbe

	* lib/Ts/arma/Makefile, lib/Ts/arma/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Ui/man/Makefile, lib/Ui/man/Makefile.ini,
	lib/xgks/doc/Makefile, lib/xgks/doc/Makefile.ini,
	lib/xgks/fontdb/Makefile, lib/xgks/fontdb/Makefile.ini,
	operators/ct/help/Makefile, operators/ct/help/Makefile.ini,
	operators/ctdep/help/Makefile, operators/ctdep/help/Makefile.ini,
	operators/despin/help/Makefile, operators/despin/help/Makefile.ini,
	operators/sr2gse/help/Makefile, operators/sr2gse/help/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Aspoc/Makefile, server/Wec/Aspoc/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Dwp/Makefile, server/Wec/Dwp/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Efw/Makefile, server/Wec/Efw/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Eph/Makefile, server/Wec/Eph/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Hkeep/Makefile, server/Wec/Hkeep/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Staff/Makefile, server/Wec/Staff/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Ted/Makefile, server/Wec/Ted/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Wbd/Makefile, server/Wec/Wbd/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Wbd_dsn/Makefile, server/Wec/Wbd_dsn/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Whi/Makefile, server/Wec/Whi/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/stwec/Makefile, server/Wec/stwec/Makefile.ini,
	clients/general/igr/spect/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/Bfield/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Bfield/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/Sc/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Sc/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/Vik/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Vik/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/vikfre/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/vikfre/Makefile.ini, lib/xgks/doc/binding/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Wbd_dsn/decomExe/Makefile.ini: Oups,,, New version at
	once. The Makefiles now uses the same scripts;
	$ISDAT_HOME/scripts/ and
	$ISDAT_HOME/scripts/ to make reqursive operations on
	Makefiles and include files.  This instead of puting a copy of
	these files in each directory (would be stupied).

2003-06-02 17:48  tobbe

	* config/Makefile, config/Makefile.ini, lib/Makefile,
	lib/Makefile.ini, operators/Makefile, operators/Makefile.ini,
	scripts/Makefile, scripts/Makefile.ini, util/Makefile,
	util/Makefile.ini, clients/APIs/Makefile,
	clients/APIs/Makefile.ini, clients/cluster/Makefile,
	clients/cluster/Makefile.ini, clients/csds/Makefile,
	clients/csds/Makefile.ini, clients/general/Makefile,
	clients/general/Makefile.ini, clients/tm/Makefile,
	clients/tm/Makefile.ini, config/cf/Makefile,
	config/cf/Makefile.ini, config/imake/Makefile,
	config/imake/Makefile.ini, config/makedepend/Makefile,
	config/makedepend/Makefile.ini, config/util/Makefile,
	config/util/Makefile.ini, lib/Db/Makefile, lib/Db/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Gi/Makefile, lib/Gi/Makefile.ini, lib/Gk/Makefile,
	lib/Gk/Makefile.ini, lib/Is/Makefile, lib/Is/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Isutil/Makefile, lib/Isutil/Makefile.ini, lib/Maglib/Makefile,
	lib/Maglib/Makefile.ini, lib/Mo/Makefile, lib/Mo/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Op/Makefile, lib/Op/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/Makefile.ini, lib/Ph/Makefile, lib/Ph/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Tb/Makefile, lib/Tb/Makefile.ini, lib/Ts/Makefile,
	lib/Ts/Makefile.ini, lib/Ui/Makefile, lib/Ui/Makefile.ini,
	lib/xgks/Makefile, lib/xgks/Makefile.ini, operators/acos/Makefile,
	operators/acos/Makefile.ini, operators/asin/Makefile,
	operators/asin/Makefile.ini, operators/atan2/Makefile,
	operators/atan2/Makefile.ini, operators/av/Makefile,
	operators/av/Makefile.ini, operators/avspect/Makefile,
	operators/avspect/Makefile.ini, operators/correl/Makefile,
	operators/correl/Makefile.ini, operators/ct/Makefile,
	operators/ct/Makefile.ini, operators/ctdep/Makefile,
	operators/ctdep/Makefile.ini, operators/despin/Makefile,
	operators/despin/Makefile.ini, operators/exp/Makefile,
	operators/exp/Makefile.ini, operators/fft/Makefile,
	operators/fft/Makefile.ini, operators/pow/Makefile,
	operators/pow/Makefile.ini, operators/probedir/Makefile,
	operators/probedir/Makefile.ini, operators/resample/Makefile,
	operators/resample/Makefile.ini, operators/slwin/Makefile,
	operators/slwin/Makefile.ini, operators/sqrt/Makefile,
	operators/sqrt/Makefile.ini, operators/sr2gse/Makefile,
	operators/sr2gse/Makefile.ini, operators/test/Makefile,
	operators/test/Makefile.ini, server/Csds/Makefile,
	server/Csds/Makefile.ini, server/Test/Makefile,
	server/Test/Makefile.ini, server/Wec/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Makefile.ini, server/common/Makefile,
	server/common/Makefile.ini, server/include/Makefile,
	server/include/Makefile.ini, server/os/Makefile,
	server/os/Makefile.ini, util/cpp/Makefile, util/cpp/Makefile.ini,
	util/cuimgen/Makefile, util/cuimgen/Makefile.ini,
	util/dumpCluIndex/Makefile, util/dumpCluIndex/Makefile.ini,
	util/indexgen/Makefile, util/indexgen/Makefile.ini,
	util/ishost/Makefile, util/ishost/Makefile.ini,
	util/isperf/Makefile, util/isperf/Makefile.ini,
	util/istpadm/Makefile, util/istpadm/Makefile.ini,
	util/isvers/Makefile, util/isvers/Makefile.ini,
	util/newpg/Makefile, util/newpg/Makefile.ini,
	util/pingdbh/Makefile, util/pingdbh/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/Idl/Makefile, clients/APIs/Idl/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/matlab/Makefile, clients/APIs/matlab/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/openDX/Makefile, clients/APIs/openDX/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/perl/Makefile, clients/APIs/perl/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/shell/Makefile, clients/APIs/shell/Makefile.ini,
	clients/cluster/efwstat/Makefile.ini, clients/cluster/whk/Makefile,
	clients/cluster/whk/Makefile.ini, clients/csds/cuimeta/Makefile,
	clients/csds/cuimeta/Makefile.ini, clients/csds/cuistat/Makefile,
	clients/csds/cuistat/Makefile.ini, clients/general/igr/Makefile,
	clients/general/igr/Makefile.ini, clients/general/iscmd/Makefile,
	clients/general/iscmd/Makefile.ini, clients/general/notes/Makefile,
	clients/general/search/Makefile.ini, clients/tm/ctm/Makefile,
	clients/tm/ctm/Makefile.ini, config/util/mkshadow/Makefile,
	config/util/mkshadow/Makefile.ini, lib/Db/man/Makefile,
	lib/Db/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Gk/man/Makefile,
	lib/Gk/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Is/man/Makefile,
	lib/Is/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Isutil/man/Makefile,
	lib/Isutil/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Mo/man/Makefile,
	lib/Mo/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/Pf/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/Pf/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/cluster/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/cluster/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/magmodel/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/magmodel/Makefile.ini: Oups,,, New version at once. The
	Makefiles now uses the same scripts;
	$ISDAT_HOME/scripts/ and
	$ISDAT_HOME/scripts/ to make reqursive operations on
	Makefiles and include files.  This instead of puting a copy of
	these files in each directory (would be stupied).

2003-06-02 17:40  tobbe

	* scripts/:, Two scripts to help
	the initial build proccess, they are called from the initial
	Makefiles to make reqursive operations on includefiles and
	Makefiles possible. Uses Bash (as many other build scripts).

2003-06-02 15:17  tobbe

	* clients/APIs/matlab/Db_mex/Makefile,
	clients/general/igr/spect/Makefile, lib/Pf/OLD/Bfield/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Bfield/Makefile, lib/Pf/OLD/Sc/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Sc/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/Vik/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Vik/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/vikfre/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Pf/OLD/vikfre/Makefile, lib/xgks/doc/binding/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Wbd_dsn/decomExe/Makefile.ini: New set of makefiles,
	Specally made to fit into the initial build (make isdat) and
	without hard coded paths. Availeble targets are:
	make Makefile, builds a new system dependent makefile out of the
	Imakefile.  make Makefiles, reqursivly run make Makefile in sub
	directories.  make clean, reqursivly remove all *.o files and other
	junk.  make include, link *ALL* header files in this directory to
	$ISDAT_HOME/include.		    This is to consider an
	emergency solution to build problems.  make includes, reqursive

2003-06-02 15:14  tobbe

	* clients/APIs/Makefile.ini, clients/APIs/Makefile,
	clients/cluster/Makefile, clients/cluster/Makefile.ini,
	clients/csds/Makefile, clients/csds/Makefile.ini,
	clients/general/Makefile, clients/general/Makefile.ini,
	clients/tm/Makefile.ini, clients/tm/Makefile, config/cf/Makefile,
	config/cf/Makefile.ini, config/imake/Makefile,
	config/imake/Makefile.ini, config/makedepend/Makefile,
	config/makedepend/Makefile.ini, config/util/Makefile,
	config/util/Makefile.ini, lib/Db/Makefile, lib/Db/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Gi/Makefile, lib/Gi/Makefile.ini, lib/Gk/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Gk/Makefile, lib/Is/Makefile, lib/Is/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Isutil/Makefile, lib/Isutil/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Maglib/Makefile.ini, lib/Maglib/Makefile, lib/Mo/Makefile,
	lib/Mo/Makefile.ini, lib/Op/Makefile, lib/Op/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Pf/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/Makefile, lib/Ph/Makefile,
	lib/Ph/Makefile.ini, lib/Tb/Makefile, lib/Tb/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Ts/Makefile.ini, lib/Ts/Makefile, lib/Ui/Makefile,
	lib/Ui/Makefile.ini, lib/xgks/Makefile, lib/xgks/Makefile.ini,
	operators/acos/Makefile.ini, operators/acos/Makefile,
	operators/asin/Makefile.ini, operators/asin/Makefile,
	operators/atan2/Makefile, operators/atan2/Makefile.ini,
	operators/av/Makefile, operators/av/Makefile.ini,
	operators/avspect/Makefile.ini, operators/avspect/Makefile,
	operators/correl/Makefile, operators/correl/Makefile.ini,
	operators/ct/Makefile, operators/ct/Makefile.ini,
	operators/ctdep/Makefile, operators/ctdep/Makefile.ini,
	operators/despin/Makefile, operators/despin/Makefile.ini,
	operators/exp/Makefile, operators/exp/Makefile.ini,
	operators/fft/Makefile.ini, operators/fft/Makefile,
	operators/pow/Makefile, operators/pow/Makefile.ini,
	operators/probedir/Makefile, operators/probedir/Makefile.ini,
	operators/resample/Makefile.ini, operators/resample/Makefile,
	operators/slwin/Makefile, operators/slwin/Makefile.ini,
	operators/sqrt/Makefile, operators/sqrt/Makefile.ini,
	operators/sr2gse/Makefile.ini, operators/sr2gse/Makefile,
	operators/test/Makefile, operators/test/Makefile.ini,
	server/Csds/Makefile, server/Csds/Makefile.ini,
	server/Test/Makefile, server/Test/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Makefile, server/Wec/Makefile.ini,
	server/common/Makefile.ini, server/common/Makefile,
	server/include/Makefile, server/include/Makefile.ini,
	server/os/Makefile, server/os/Makefile.ini, util/cpp/Makefile.ini,
	util/cpp/Makefile, util/cuimgen/Makefile,
	util/cuimgen/Makefile.ini, util/dumpCluIndex/Makefile.ini,
	util/dumpCluIndex/Makefile, util/indexgen/Makefile,
	util/indexgen/Makefile.ini, util/ishost/Makefile,
	util/ishost/Makefile.ini, util/isperf/Makefile,
	util/isperf/Makefile.ini, util/istpadm/Makefile,
	util/istpadm/Makefile.ini, util/isvers/Makefile.ini,
	util/isvers/Makefile, util/newpg/Makefile, util/newpg/Makefile.ini,
	util/pingdbh/Makefile, util/pingdbh/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/Idl/Makefile.ini, clients/APIs/Idl/Makefile,
	clients/APIs/matlab/Makefile, clients/APIs/matlab/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/openDX/Makefile, clients/APIs/openDX/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/perl/Makefile, clients/APIs/perl/Makefile.ini,
	clients/APIs/shell/Makefile.ini, clients/APIs/shell/Makefile,
	clients/cluster/efwstat/Makefile.ini, clients/cluster/whk/Makefile,
	clients/csds/cuimeta/Makefile.ini, clients/csds/cuimeta/Makefile,
	clients/csds/cuistat/Makefile.ini, clients/csds/cuistat/Makefile,
	clients/general/igr/Makefile.ini, clients/general/igr/Makefile,
	clients/general/iscmd/Makefile.ini, clients/general/iscmd/Makefile,
	clients/general/notes/Makefile, clients/general/notes/Makefile.ini,
	clients/general/search/Makefile, clients/tm/ctm/Makefile,
	clients/tm/ctm/Makefile.ini, config/util/mkshadow/Makefile,
	config/util/mkshadow/Makefile.ini, lib/Db/man/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Db/man/Makefile, lib/Gk/man/Makefile, lib/Gk/man/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Is/man/Makefile, lib/Is/man/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Isutil/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Isutil/man/Makefile,
	lib/Mo/man/Makefile.ini, lib/Mo/man/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/OLD/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/OLD/Makefile, lib/Pf/Pf/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/Pf/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/cluster/Makefile,
	lib/Pf/cluster/Makefile.ini, lib/Pf/magmodel/Makefile.ini,
	lib/Pf/magmodel/Makefile, lib/Ts/arma/Makefile,
	lib/Ts/arma/Makefile.ini, lib/Ui/man/Makefile,
	lib/Ui/man/Makefile.ini, lib/xgks/doc/Makefile.ini,
	lib/xgks/doc/Makefile, lib/xgks/fontdb/Makefile,
	lib/xgks/fontdb/Makefile.ini, operators/ct/help/Makefile,
	operators/ct/help/Makefile.ini, operators/ctdep/help/Makefile,
	operators/ctdep/help/Makefile.ini, operators/despin/help/Makefile,
	operators/sr2gse/help/Makefile.ini, operators/sr2gse/help/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Aspoc/Makefile.ini, server/Wec/Aspoc/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Dwp/Makefile, server/Wec/Dwp/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Efw/Makefile.ini, server/Wec/Efw/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Eph/Makefile, server/Wec/Eph/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Hkeep/Makefile, server/Wec/Hkeep/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Staff/Makefile, server/Wec/Staff/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Ted/Makefile.ini, server/Wec/Ted/Makefile,
	server/Wec/Wbd/Makefile, server/Wec/Wbd/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Wbd_dsn/Makefile, server/Wec/Wbd_dsn/Makefile.ini,
	server/Wec/Whi/Makefile.ini, server/Wec/Whi/Makefile,
	server/Wec/stwec/Makefile, server/Wec/stwec/Makefile.ini: New set
	of makefiles, Specally made to fit into the initial build (make
	isdat) and without hard coded paths. Availeble targets are:
	make Makefile, builds a new system dependent makefile out of the
	Imakefile.  make Makefiles, reqursivly run make Makefile in sub
	directories.  make clean, reqursivly remove all *.o files and other
	junk.  make include, link *ALL* header files in this directory to
	$ISDAT_HOME/include.		    This is to consider an
	emergency solution to build problems.  make includes, reqursive

2003-06-02 15:13  tobbe

	* config/Makefile, config/Makefile.ini, lib/Makefile,
	lib/Makefile.ini, operators/Makefile.ini, operators/Makefile,
	scripts/Makefile, scripts/Makefile.ini, util/Makefile.ini,
	util/Makefile: New set of makefiles, Specally made to fit into the
	initial build (make isdat) and without hard coded paths. Availeble
	targets are:
	make Makefile, builds a new system dependent makefile out of the
	Imakefile.  make Makefiles, reqursivly run make Makefile in sub
	directories.  make clean, reqursivly remove all *.o files and other
	junk.  make include, link *ALL* header files in this directory to
	$ISDAT_HOME/include.	       This is to consider an emergency
	solution to build problems.  make includes, reqursive dito.

2003-05-22 15:50  tobbe

	* config/cf/:, site.def_DEFAULT: Added support for
	linking programs with libraries in the fink /sw directory on
	Darwin. Set DarwinUseFinkSW to yes in site.def to use this feature.

2003-05-21 18:35  tobbe

	* config/cf/:,,, site.def_DEFAULT, Moved #define HasCdf to BeforeVendorCf so the platform
	speciffic flags can be set in the files.

2003-05-21 17:20  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/panel_func.c: Bug fixed: Equal panel size in
	postcript failed (corrupted postscript file) if one of the panels
	contained no plots.

2003-05-19 19:35  tobbe

	* scripts/my_isdat_profile: Missed to add the existing MANPATH to
	the new one if it exists.

2003-05-19 19:12  tobbe

	* scripts/: my_isdat_profile, my_isdat_profile.csh: Made the
	profiles work smootly on Darwin as well as in tcshell in general.

2003-05-19 18:28  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Whi/decom_io_inc/typ_base.h: Added ifdef __DARWIN__ to
	list of ifdefs to make it build.

2003-05-19 18:25  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Whi/decom_inc/global.h: Added #include liste.h since
	it is needed.

2003-05-19 18:24  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Whi/liste.c: Changed malloc.h path to objc/malloc.h on
	Darwin only.

2003-05-19 18:21  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Staff/UTI_DefStandard.h: ifdef __DARWIN__ to set
	malloc include to #include  for darwin.

2003-05-19 18:18  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Dwp/nr.h: Added #ifndef __DARWIN__ to remove
	declaration that also occurs in system header file.

2003-05-19 18:15  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Index.h: Added #include Isutil.h since IsTime is
	needed to parse the file.

2003-05-19 18:13  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Imakefile: ifndef __DARWIN__ to make shure last target
	is used on Darwin.

2003-05-19 17:42  tobbe

	* operators/correl/correl.c: Added ifdef __DARWIN__ to set correct
	path to needed header file.

2003-05-19 17:33  tobbe

	* lib/Ui/UiI.h: Ifndef __DARWIN__ for some external system
	variables that are defined in MacOsX header files.

2003-05-19 17:00  tobbe

	* lib/Pf/Imakefile: Added a Ifndef __DARWIN__ to make shure Darwin
	builds with second rule.

2003-05-19 16:54  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/Imakefile: Reverted to earlier version since I put
	most Darwin speciffic build things into the darwin files in

2003-05-19 16:40  tobbe

	* config/cf/darwinLib.rules: Lots of changes from original file.
	Several rules were changed to reflekt the Isdat directory
	structure. Some necessary compiler and link options are given in
	this file.

2003-05-19 16:37  tobbe

	* config/cf/darwinLib.tmpl: Added a row for libraries necessary to
	link with libXm.dylib on Darwin.

2003-05-19 16:34  tobbe

	* config/cf/:,,, Added linker
	paths for cdf lib. In I also added some compiler options
	special for Isdat.

2003-05-19 14:32  tobbe

	* config/cf/site.def_DEFAULT: Removed the g77 special compiler flag
	for Maglib 1.0.  Moved the full cdfpaths out of site.def, they are
	now in the resp. os .cf file. Only the path to cdflib is defined in
	site.def now.

2003-05-19 14:00  tobbe

	* clients/tm/ctm/Imakefile: Reversed an earier commit.

2003-05-16 19:41  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/postscript/post_global.h: Update on line
	width selection.

2003-05-16 19:38  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/postscript/post_func.c: New code for limited
	postscript resolution.

2003-05-16 19:34  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_spectra.hlp, smalloperators.html:
	The text is updated.

2003-05-16 19:30  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_plotcontrol.hlp, igr_print.hlp:
	The text is updated.

2003-05-16 19:28  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_panelcontrol.hlp: Text updated.

2003-05-16 19:25  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_debug.hlp, igr_pagecontrol.hlp:
	Text updated.

2003-05-16 19:23  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_about.hlp: New version 3.6 .

2003-05-16 19:21  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/x11.c: New function for line width,

2003-05-16 19:18  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/spectra_ctrl.c: Update on 'Zaxis amplitude
	minimum:' and 'maximum:' selection.  Now it is updated to use the
	the 10**val as color scale maximum and minimum. val is the number
	the user writes in the text field.  As an example if the user input
	-3 and 1 in the Zaxis amplitude minimum and maximum respectively,
	the color scale will be from 0.001 to 10.0 .

2003-05-16 19:15  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/spectra.h: Small update on tick marks for
	log. axis.

2003-05-16 19:14  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/spectra.c: Small update on tick marks for
	logarithmic axis.

2003-05-16 19:08  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/plot_ctrl.c: Add selection of line width.
	Fixed error on button sensitivity.

2003-05-16 19:04  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/plot.c: New code written for ticks on log.
	axis.  New code written for line width.  New code wrtten for zero

2003-05-16 18:54  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/panel_func.c: New code for equal panel size.

2003-05-16 18:50  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/panel_ctrl.c: Update for zero line. Fix error
	on button sensitivity when panel "pops up."

2003-05-16 18:46  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/panel.h: Variables for ticks in log axis and
	line width.

2003-05-16 18:43  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/page_ctrl.c: selection of tick type in log
	axis, fix error on button sensitivity

2003-05-16 18:39  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/igr.h: Version 3.6, add parameter linewidth

2003-05-16 18:35  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/hardcopy.c: new feature: equal panel size.

2003-05-16 18:31  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/func.c: Initiate new parameters for equal
	panel size.

2003-05-16 18:27  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/: config_load.c, config_save.c: Update for
	linewidth and equal panel size.

2003-05-16 18:22  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/calc_action.c: use_x added when xy plot is
	used, atan2 function used on CALC_POL_PH .

2003-05-09 14:12  tobbe

	* config/cf/Isdat.rules: On Darwin cpp does not put the processed
	output into the second given file argument. It instead conciders it
	as a second file to process. A
	> in the CppFortranObjectRule is necessary.

2003-05-09 13:08  tobbe

	* lib/Pf/Pf/frejamag.c: Changed the include path for malloc.f to
	objc/malloc.h on Darwin.

2003-05-09 13:02  tobbe

	* lib/Ts/: arma.c, correl.c, filter.c, maynefir.c, mem.c: Added a
	ifndef __DARWIN__ for #include  tm make the lib compile.

2003-05-08 18:30  tobbe

	* lib/Is/IsI.h: Added a #ifndef __DARWIN__ to remove duplicate
	declarations of system variables.

2003-05-08 18:03  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/Imakefile: Removed libDb from link list on MacOsX, the
	Darwin buld leaves unresovled symbols in libraies for the dynamic
	loader to resolv.

2003-05-08 13:21  tobbe

	* config/imake/imakemdep.h: Added defenitions for MacOSX (Darwin).

2003-05-08 13:19  tobbe

	* config/cf/:,, darwinLib.rules, darwinLib.tmpl:
	Added files and defenitions for MacOSX (Darwin).

2003-05-08 11:30  tobbe

	* config/makedepend/Imakefile: Added an Include path to X11
	headerfiles for darwin, for some reason the system won't find them
	by itself.

2003-05-07 17:46  tobbe

	* lib/Db/libint.h: Added extern declarations for some local
	functions to reduce warnings.

2003-05-07 17:45  tobbe

	* lib/Db/: Open.c, libInt.c: Added ifdef for DARWIN os.

2003-03-22 17:15  blybekk

	* operators/slwin/: slwin_op.c, slwin_op.hlp: New operator working
	on sliding window bytes in EFW HK.

2003-03-22 17:11  blybekk

	* operators/slwin/: Imakefile, Makefile, slwin_inc.h,
	slwin_motif.c, slwin_motiflib.c: New operator working on sliding
	window bytes in EFW HK.

2003-03-22 17:05  blybekk

	* operators/exp/: Makefile, exp.c, exp.h: New operator exp()

2003-03-22 17:04  blybekk

	* operators/exp/Imakefile: New operator exp() .

2003-03-22 17:00  blybekk

	* operators/sqrt/sqrt.c: str = XtMalloc(128);	This was increased
	from 64 .

2003-03-22 16:46  blybekk

	* operators/av/av_op.c: Correct error on total number of samples
	when having more than one segment.  The
	plot_info.plt[0]->yqty->object->samples (in igr) was set to the
	number of samples in the last segment.
	The type of average is returned in the operator name field.

2003-03-12 11:27  tobbe

	* server/Csds/VarData.c: Added a call to ShortenLabelStrings to
	reduce the length of quantety labels to fit into the 32 bytes given
	by the Isdat protocoll.

2003-03-12 11:24  tobbe

	* server/Csds/Imakefile: Added ShortenLableStrings.c to build.

2003-03-12 11:24  tobbe

	* server/Csds/ShortenLabelStrings.c: The function
	ShortenLabelStrings is used to reduce the length of strings that
	constins the same sub strings several times. This is done by
	removing all but one of the duplicates. Strings that should be
	aliged to the left needs to be programed into the function.

2003-03-07 17:07  aie

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffQuery.c: Removed blank at end of field --
	see mail below.
	Från: "Anders Eriksson"  Till: "Michel Dedieu"
	; "Thomas Chust"
	; "Tobias Eriksson" ;
	"Tobia Carozzi" ; "Bjørn Lybekk"
	 Ämne: Very slight change in STAFF SC
	server Datum: den 6 mars 2003 22:10
	Dear Michel, Thomas and other Isdat friends,
	Accessing STAFF SC data with the iscmd client, I noticed that
	although the query
	aie@strix:~> iscmd q
	0-10Hz 0-180Hz
	tells me that there are 0-10Hz and 0-180Hz, the query
	aie@strix:~> iscmd q iscmd: No
	such logical instrument /Cluster/4/staff/B_SC/Bx_By_Bz/0-10Hz
	did not work. Asking for 0-180Hz works well. The behaviour was the
	same on several machines I tried. Other clients, like igr,
	obviously do not see this problem. When looking in the file
	StaffQuery.c in the STAFF server, I found the lines
	switch (sensor)    {	 case DbCLU_STAFF_B_WF_L1 :	case
	DbCLU_STAFF_B_WF_L2 :	      p[n].value = DbCLU_STAFF_BFIELD_L;   
	      strcpy(p[n++].name, "0-10Hz ");	      p[n].value =
	DbCLU_STAFF_BFIELD_H;	       strcpy(p[n++].name, "0-180Hz");	   
	On my own machine, I replaced "0-10Hz " by "0-10Hz", i.e. removed
	the blank, compiled, restarted the dbh, and voila, now iscmd finds
	the 10 Hz data!
	Now I wonder: can anybody see any risk with this very slight change
	-- removing a blank is about the smallest change you can do to a
	file -- or may I check it in to the CVS?
	Best regards,

2003-02-20 14:09  tobbe

	* server/Wec/Ted/: convert.h, dsd.h, misc.h, unpack.h, ddsp.h,
	hktim.h, sciencep.h, ted.h, xmacros.h: Changed #include <------.h>
	to local version #include "------.h" in: convert.h dsd.h misc.h
	unpack.h xmacros.h ted.h sciencep.h hktim.h ddsp.h

2003-02-19 17:32  tc

	* server/Wec/Ted/NOTES.ISDAT: Notes on ISDAT update to TED_2.4.4.

2003-02-19 17:23  tc

	* server/Wec/Ted/: Imakefile, alias.h, aliasl.c, aliasy.c,
	calenum.h, calenuml.c, calenumy.c, calinf.h, calpoint.h,
	calpointl.c, calpointy.c, calres.h, convert.c, convert.h, ddsp.c,
	ddsp.h, dpb.h, dsd.h, field.c, field.h, field_info.c, field_info.h,
	generic.h, hkext.c, hkext.h, hkextp.h, hkmacros.c, hktim.c,
	hktim.h, misc.c, misc.h, npatch.h, show.c, show.h, ted.h, tedsys.h,
	toolbox.c, toolbox.h, unpack.c, unpack.h, version.c, version.h,
	xmacros.c, xmacros.h: Updated as of TED_2.4.4.

2003-02-19 17:20  tc

	* server/Wec/Ted/: minip.c, minip.h, sciencep.c, sciencep.h, ted.c:
	New as of TED_2.4.4.

2003-02-19 17:19  tc

	* server/Wec/Ted/: calenuml.c.dist, hkadidh.h, hkgsidh.h,
	hkscidh.h, hkstath.h, hkstrmh.h, hktasih.h, hktcalh.h: Deprecated
	as of TED_2.4.4.

2003-02-18 17:51  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpData.c, DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h,
	DwpQuery.c: Added raw energy value instruments

2003-02-18 17:50  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/Dwp.h: - Deleted old instrument names - Added raw
	energy value instruments

2003-02-12 17:01  deconchy

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffPup.c: author: Y de Conchy For dynamic
	spectra, if the data don't exist, they are replaced by 1.0e-8
	(white) instead of 0xFFFF (black); in BM, with option 8-4096 Hz, no
	data for range A (8-64 Hz); they are replaced by 1.0e-8.

2003-02-03 14:39  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h, DwpQuery.c,
	DwpData.c, Dwp.h: Added heea_preset logical instrument. Returns
	hardcoded value 91 though.

2003-01-29 18:24  tobbe

	* util/pingdbh/main.c: Added database to connetct to as an command
	line argument. It is now possible to do: pingdbh disco:10 for

2003-01-28 17:29  tobbe

	* lib/Isutil/Imakefile: Added IsutilExt.h to the list of

2003-01-16 11:12  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwMux.c: More cosmetics.

2003-01-16 10:55  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwMux.c: Cosmetic change to increase readability.

2003-01-15 16:59  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwPup.c: 
	Changed validation to allow probe 1 on SC1 and SC3 to be in density
	mode even though E-field data are requested. This allows us to look
	at V12 data with P1 in density mode and P2 in E-field mode, which
	is often the case after the probe 1 failures on SC1 and SC3. 2003-01-15

2002-11-26 15:32  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/HkeepGetEfwSw.c: Updated the calibrations. These
	were supplied by PAL in Sept 2002, at the Cluster workshop (ie the
	pal ral cal).

2002-11-20 13:06  tobbe

	* lib/Db/man/DbGetData.3: Added some missing fileds to the
	DbDataObject struct explanation.

2002-11-20 10:45  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwSweep.c: 
	Correction for the flight software conversion moving the bias
	current sweep data by 3 positions.

2002-11-18 16:55  simon

	* lib/Maglib/Imakefile: Maglib V 2.0

2002-11-18 16:43  simon

	* lib/Maglib/: nuraci.f, olsdon.f, orbit.f, outma1.f, oval.f,
	parabn.f, pconjr.f, posin.f, posmag.f, posns.f, posnsh.f, posps.f,
	pospsh.f, pr2000.f, promal.f, promat.f, ptnew.f, pvig.f, rac2.f,
	rbelt.f, rfonc.f, rfonc1.f, rogdip.f, roggsm.f, rogse.f, rogsm.f,
	roig.f, roigsm.f, roise.f, rootlf.f, rootmp.f, rosmgs.f, rovdh.f,
	segeo.f, smgeo.f, solter.f, soltern.f, solterv.f, soltervo.f,
	spcar.f, startlf.f, step.f, steps.f, sun.f, tailts1k.f, tgeogr.f,
	tgml.f, tgml2.f, tlocal.f, tradeg.f, tsidrg.f, tspcar.f, tsyg87.f,
	valfix.f, vcarvsp.f, vspvcar.f: Maglib V 2.0

2002-11-18 16:40  simon

	* lib/Maglib/: distpar.f, dj2000.f, djgreg.f, dlgalp.f, econjr.f,
	equdip.f, ex89ae.f, ex89kp.f, excentr.f, fact.f, flgalp.f, form.f,
	gcvgd.f, gdvgc.f, geodip.f, geogkm.f, geogsm.f, geophys.f,
	georre.f, geose.f, geosm.f, ggeom.f, grad00.f, grad95.f, gsfc65.f,
	gsmgeo.f, gussen.f, igrf00.f, igrf95.f, incline.f, inigeo1.f,
	inigeom.f, inigeomv.f, inigeos.f, inipbs.f, inmag.f, integ.f,
	invar.f, invlat.f, iterat.f, jd2000.f, julg.f, k899k.f, kardan.f,
	kk97kp.f, lines.f, magtot.f, magtots.f, mcilwe.f, mf75.f, mpause.f,
	mpauses.f, mpsib.f, msheath.f, newcoff.f, norma.f: Maglib V 2.0

2002-11-18 16:37  simon

	* lib/Maglib/: aberrm.f, angdip.f, angleg.f, bdbspst2k.f, bessel.f,
	bgsm.f, boundy.f, bwshff.f, cahsl.f, calcds.f, caldaj.f, caldis.f,
	calendg.f, calphi.f, calpol.f, calpos.f, caltheta.f, carmel.f,
	carsp.f, catheta.f, chapel.f, chapp2.f, chp00.f, chp95.f,
	clusdis.f, conjdip.f, corgm.f, corr.f, ctrldat.f, ctrldis.f,
	ctrlind.f, ctrlpar.f, ctrlpos.f, cusp.f, cylind2k.f, datjhms.f,
	dbtot.f, dchapp.f, dconjr.f, ddparab.f, deriv.f, derivs.f,
	dgchnew.f, dgchold.f, dgrfnew.f, dgrfold.f, dipgeo.f, dipol.f,
	dipols.f, disgb.f, dismp.f, distdip.f: Maglib V 2.0

2002-11-14 18:42  tc

	* clients/general/iscmd/main.c: Added a ping-like command. Also
	iscmd explicitly closes open db connection.

2002-11-14 18:38  tc

	* lib/Isutil/IsDataObjs2IsFlatfile.c: Added a first line in
	serialization of DataObj which acts as a unique identifier of the
	dataformat. Also added print out of URI which can be used as input
	to "iscmd d URI". Fixed some minor things.

2002-11-13 16:06  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwBias.c: 
	Update to avoid error messages at bias mode changes.

2002-11-12 19:13  blybekk

	* server/Wec/Efw/main.c: This is a test program for reading the EFW
	calibration file.  Updated to read the location of the calbration
	files from isdat.server file.			Bjoern Lybekk

2002-11-12 19:07  blybekk

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwSweep.c: Remove debug print statement	
	printf("In EfwSweepData \n");		    Bjoern Lybekk

2002-11-12 19:02  blybekk

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwData.c: Removed debug print statements:	 
	printf("in CLU_EFW_SWEEP parameter = %d\n",req->spec.parameter);   
	   printf("returning pointer to EfwSweepDataParam\n")	   
	printf("returning pointer to EfwSweepData\n");			   
		Bjoern Lybekk

2002-11-12 18:58  blybekk

	* server/Wec/GetData.c: Remove debug  printf("Datadrop\n"); and
	printf("End of file\n");			 Bjoern Lybekk

2002-11-08 21:49  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwQuery.c: 
	Added support for differential measurments and unfiltered data (32
	kHz) in Langmuir mode. 021108

2002-11-08 13:16  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_warranty.html: Add NO warranty.

2002-11-08 13:05  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: operator_calculator.html,
	smalloperators.html: update text

2002-11-08 13:01  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/index.html: update text

2002-11-08 12:56  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_qty.hlp, igr_start.hlp,
	igr_zoom.hlp: update text

2002-11-08 12:05  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_plots.hlp, igr_print.hlp: update

2002-11-08 12:02  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_plotcontrol.hlp, igr_param.hlp:
	update text

2002-11-08 11:56  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_panelcontrol.hlp: update text

2002-11-08 11:53  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_flatfile.hlp,
	igr_labelcontrol.hlp: update text

2002-11-08 11:49  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/: igr_config_load.hlp,
	igr_config_save.hlp: Update text

2002-11-08 11:47  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_batch.hlp: Add more text

2002-11-08 11:46  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_about.hlp: igr version 3.5

2002-11-08 11:42  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/panel.h: Include define IGR_TEXT_LEN

2002-11-08 11:39  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/page_ctrl.c: Check also on PLOT_GRAPHICS_MAX
	in CheckIfManualScale() .

2002-11-08 11:25  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/main.c: Add "Label" in help menu

2002-11-08 11:22  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/igr.h: Version 3.5,  char name[1024]; in
	typedef struct _Quantity{}

2002-11-08 11:18  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/func.c: Increased size of temporary variable

2002-11-08 11:11  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/color.c: Size of temporary variable increased
	in  PlotSelectColorCB() .

2002-11-08 11:07  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/calc_util.c: Size of char tmpStr increased in

2002-10-24 13:08  tobbe

	* util/: isvers/Imakefile, newpg/Imakefile, pingdbh/Imakefile:
	Changed argument to LinkFiles from $(ISBINDIR) to $$ISDAT_HOME/bin
	to be compatible with the new LinkFiles that makes relelative paths
	instead of absolute ones.

2002-10-24 13:04  tobbe

	* util/: dumpCluIndex/Imakefile, ishost/Imakefile,
	isperf/Imakefile: Changed argument to LinkFiles from $(ISBINDIR) to
	$$ISDAT_HOME/bin to be compatible with the new LinkFiles that makes
	relelative paths instead of absolute ones.

2002-10-24 11:59  tobbe

	* util/cuimgen/Imakefile: Changed argument to LinkFiles from
	$(ISBINDIR) to $$ISDAT_HOME/bin to be compatible with the new
	LinkFiles that makes relelative paths instead of absolute ones.

2002-10-24 11:55  tobbe

	* clients/tm/ctm/Imakefile, config/util/Imakefile,
	server/Imakefile: Changed argument to LinkFiles from $(ISBINDIR) to
	$$ISDAT_HOME/bin to be compatible with the new LinkFiles that makes
	relelative paths instead of absolute ones.

2002-10-24 11:53  tobbe

	* clients/general/iscmd/Imakefile: Changed argument to LinkFiles
	from ISBINDIR to $$ISDAT_HOME/bin to be compatible with the new
	LinkFiles that makes relelative paths insead of absolute ones.

2002-10-24 00:23  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwMux.c: 
	When "any" is asked for, the order is now reversed so that the
	server first looks in LX and then in HX. This means that if a
	quantity is in both LX and HX and one asks for "any", one will get
	LX. This solved a problem of wrong f_samp when using "any", at the
	cost of not getting the "best" available data when using "any". See
	also EfwLow.c. 021024

2002-10-24 00:01  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwLow.c: Corrected comment typo in last
	submission (made earlier today) / aie 021023

2002-10-23 14:47  tobbe

	* scripts/my_isdat_profile.csh: Removed faulty = sign from setenv,
	added some "".

2002-10-23 11:05  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwLow.c: Changed setting of sampling rate in HX
	from being based on requested filter, to being based on EFW tape
	mode.  This removed a problem that undersampled data got the wrong
	f_samp, i.e. 450 Hz was returned when V12V34M was sampled at 25 S/s
	in NM1 (relevant to SC2 after filter failure). 021023

2002-10-17 14:20  tobbe

	* config/cf/site.def_DEFAULT: Added flags -fno-automatic
	-finit-local-zero to g77. This is neccessery in order to build
	Maglib in a çompatible way with g77. Without it will end up in an
	infinte loop.

2002-10-17 13:32  tobbe

	* lib/Pf/Pf/Imakefile: Changed call to LinkFiles so it uses
	$$ISDAT_HOME instead of relative path.

2002-10-17 13:30  tobbe

	* config/cf/Isdat.rules: oups! Commited a buggy LinkFiles last
	time.  Now changed LinkFiles so it now links to the given dir
	instead of allways to ISBINDIR, use absulute paths when calling, ie
	make use of $$ISDAT_HOME in Imakefiles.

2002-10-10 16:29  simon

	* lib/Maglib/iterat.f: Changed goto 100 to goto 101 so should now
	work with g77 (hopefully).

2002-09-25 15:32  tobbe

	* config/cf/: Isdat.rules, Isdat.tmpl: Changed the files to build
	Isdat witout absolute paths, only relative paths are made.
	Isdat.rules now uses the perl script

2002-09-25 15:29  tobbe

	* scripts/ Added this script that is used in the
	build process to compute a relative path from the given agrument
	and the current working directory: perl
	$ISDAT_HOME/bin gives a relative path from $ISDAT_HOME/bin to the
	current dir.  perl -r $ISDAT_HOME/bin gives a
	relative path from the current dir to $ISDAT_HOME/bin.

2002-09-23 16:00  tobbe

	* util/dumpCluIndex/Imakefile: Added a call to LinkFiles to get the
	compiled program linked to the isdat bin dir.

2002-09-20 09:46  bhn

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/descrip.mms: Added HkeepGetEfwSw

2002-09-11 12:53  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/HkeepGetEfwSw.c: This is tghe GetData function
	that extracts the sliding window bytes from teh WEC HK and combines
	the values to generate the new parameters for the logical
	instruments ew->pot->ex|ey|sigma|v1l. The calibration waqs taken
	from a mail from Per-Arne to Bjorn.

2002-09-11 12:48  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/Hkeep.h: Added defines for new logical
	instruments based on EFW sliding window bytes.

2002-09-11 12:46  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/HkeepData.c: Added GetData function
	HkeepGetEfwSw to deal with new hkeep->efw->pot logical instruments.

2002-09-11 12:44  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/Imakefile: Added new file HkeepGetEfwSw into
	build system. This file contains code to extract EFW sliding window
	bytes and calculate parameters from them.

2002-09-11 12:42  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/HkeepQuery.c: Added logical instruments for EFW
	potential values that are stored wothin the WEC HK.

2002-08-20 16:15  tobbe

	* util/:, Changed the start time to 2000
	10 01 to include the erly fgm files.  Also changed some default
	directory permissions to 0775 to get group write access.

2002-07-31 14:22  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_lin_interp.c: Lots of changes,	- Added
	routine RsPadEndsCopy to pad the ends of an interpolated data set
	if	 requested by the user.   - Change inputSamp to inputSamp1
	& 2   - modifued calls to data interpolation routines to use oSamp
	as opposed to idx	 when writing to output data object.

2002-07-31 14:13  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_state.h: Added support for endpadding of
	interpolated data sets

2002-07-31 14:11  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_info.h: Added support for end padding on
	interpolated data sets

2002-07-31 14:10  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_gui.h: Added support for padding of
	interpolated data sets

2002-07-31 14:08  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_gui_stubs.c: added button to enable user to
	pad ends of interpolated data sets

2002-07-31 14:07  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_gui.c: Added support for endpadding of data
	sets when using interpolation

2002-07-31 14:05  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_const.h: Added support for padding ends of
	interpolated dta sets

2002-07-31 14:03  simon

	* operators/resample/resample_code.c: Added support for padding
	ends of interpolated data sets

2002-07-31 14:02  simon

	* operators/resample/resample.h: Changes to RsIndices struct -
	inputSamp becomes inputSamp1 & 2

2002-07-31 14:00  simon

	* operators/resample/resample.c: Added support for end padding of
	interpolated data sets

2002-07-31 13:44  simon

	* server/Wec/Eph/EphCalcPhase.c: Corrected bug caused by gaps in

2002-07-31 13:43  simon

	* server/Wec/Eph/EphVelocity.c: Removal of a section of unused code
	that freaked me out

2002-07-31 13:41  simon

	* server/Wec/Eph/EphPosition.c: Added more conditional compilation
	degub info

2002-07-13 02:18  trav

	* lib/Isutil/IsDataObjs2IsFlatfile.c: [no log message]

2002-06-27 17:52  tobbe

	* server/Csds/VarData.c: For some reason someone had set a second
	to 1.2 seconds. This resulted in the sampling freqency returned to
	the clients to be wrong. Now 1.0 again.

2002-06-27 13:30  tobbe

	* operators/ctdep/ctdep.h: Removed un necessary includes of W.h,
	making the compilation to want Files from the Wec server.

2002-06-27 13:26  tobbe

	* operators/: resample/rs_gui.c, resample/rs_gui_stubs.c,
	resample/rs_lin_interp.c, resample/rs_sp_interp.c,
	resample/resample.c, resample/resample_code.c,
	resample/rs_average.c, sr2gse/sr2gse_join.c, sr2gse/sr2gse.c,
	sr2gse/sr2gse_code.c: Removed un necessary includes of W.h, making
	the compilation to want Files from the Wec server.

2002-06-27 13:06  tobbe

	* operators/ct/: ctCheck.c, ctOperator.c, ctTransformations.c,
	ctJoinAndMatrixTools.c, ctMotif.c, ctOptions.c: Removed un
	nessesery includes of W.h, making the compilation to want Files
	from the Wec server.

2002-06-19 18:53  simon

	* operators/resample/rs_help.h: Text for help window,following the
	example of MT.

2002-06-17 14:45  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/postscript/post_func.c: Increased size of
	text variable in PostScaledText() and PostScaledTextColor() .

2002-06-17 14:41  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/plot.c: Increased length of text variable to
	handle for very long plot names.

2002-06-17 14:39  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/panel.h: Increased length of text variables.

2002-06-17 14:30  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/flat_file.c: Increased length of text
	variables .

2002-06-12 16:20  simon

	* operators/resample/: rs_lin_interp.c, resample.h, resample_err.h,
	rs_average.c, rs_gui.c, resample_code.c, rs_gui.h, rs_gui_stubs.c:
	Deals with multidimensional data

2002-06-12 11:44  simon

	* operators/ctdep/ctdep_help.h:  dont know why this wasnt included

2002-06-12 11:42  simon

	* operators/ctdep/ctdep_gui_stubs.c: Updates to Gui

2002-06-12 11:41  simon

	* operators/ctdep/ctdep_gui.h: Update to interface

2002-06-12 11:41  simon

	* operators/ctdep/ctdep_gui.c: Updates to unterface

2002-06-06 10:56  bhn

	* lib/: Isutil/descrip.mms, descrip.mms: Changed file

2002-06-04 12:41  bhn

	* clients/general/iscmd/descrip.mms: Changed file

2002-06-03 14:23  aie

	* server/Wec/Ted/xmacros.c: Table of ground stations changed to
	conform to DDID Issue 3 (2000-05-19) Table 5-3 with additions for
	extended coverage as described in e-mail from Silvano Manganelli,
	forwarded by Juergen Volpp 2002-04-24.

2002-05-30 17:48  tobbe

	* lib/Db/Imakefile: Removed  $(ISUTILLIB) from the list of required
	libs, this since it is not needed and mostly becourse it breaks
	building. lib Isutil needs lib Db (for sure) So lib Db must be
	built first witout lib Isutil.

2002-05-30 17:43  tobbe

	* lib/Imakefile: Moved libDb to the beginning of the list of
	libraries to build, this since libIsutil depends upon libDb.

2002-05-29 11:54  bhn

	* clients/general/iscmd/descrip.mms: Updated file

2002-05-27 20:42  tobbe

	* lib/xgks/metafile.c: Included time.h to make the file compile on
	newer redhat (>7.1) versions.

2002-04-11 18:09  tc

	* lib/Isutil/Imakefile: Due to the addition of the
	IsDataObjs2IsFlatfile and IsURI functions, which use certain Db
	library functions, the build of Isutil now requires DBLIB.

2002-04-01 17:58  tc

	* clients/general/iscmd/Imakefile: Made changes so as to build
	iscmd using new Isutil library functions.

2002-04-01 17:56  tc

	* clients/general/iscmd/main.c: iscmd now uses a new ISDAT library
	function to printout ISDAT data objects.

2002-04-01 17:55  tc

	* clients/general/iscmd/ClGetData.c: The code that use to live here
	has been turned into a library function in $ISDAT_HOME/lib/Isutil/
	as source file IsDataObjs2IsFlatfile.c.

2002-04-01 17:50  tc

	* clients/general/iscmd/Clcommon.c: The URI functions that lived
	here have been moved to the Isutil library.

2002-04-01 17:48  tc

	* lib/Isutil/Imakefile: Added build instructions for the new Isdat
	utility extras functions.

2002-04-01 17:46  tc

	* lib/Isutil/IsutilExt.h: Added this header to support new Isdat
	utilities. The Isutil.h was already used in a low-level way
	(meaning DON'T touch) due to the IsTime definition.

2002-04-01 17:41  tc

	* lib/Isutil/IsURI.c: This function converts between ISDAT URIs and
	ISDAT data spec structs.

2002-04-01 17:40  tc

	* lib/Isutil/IsDataObjs2IsFlatfile.c: This function prints out
	ISDAT DataObjects to Flatfiles.

2002-04-01 16:36  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/Contents.m: Trying to turn the ISDAT
	matlab API into a fullfledged Matlab toolbox.  As such it needs a
	Contents.m file such as other toolboxes have.

2002-04-01 16:33  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/toepoch.m: Updated the help text to
	resemble the rest of the ISDAT toolbox.

2002-04-01 16:32  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/fromepoch.m: Tryed to standardise the
	help text to match the others in ISDAT toolbox.

2002-04-01 15:52  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isAddISDATlogo.m: Added function
	summary text.

2002-04-01 15:49  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isPlotStamp.png: A small ISDAT rocket
	icon graphics in PNG format.

2002-04-01 15:48  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isAddISDATlogo.m: Places an ISDAT logo
	on a matlab plot. Uses graphics file isPlotStamp.png.

2002-04-01 15:44  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isPartitionInterval.m: A matlab
	function to facilitate large searches through an ISDAT database.

2002-04-01 15:42  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isGetContentLite.m: This is the
	getcontent implementation of the isdat matlab lite family.

2002-04-01 15:38  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isGetDataLite.m: Improved the help

2002-03-25 12:04  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwLow.c: Quick fix to put correct sampling
	frequency when explicitly asking for LX or HX data. Note that
	asking for ANY may still return wrong sampling frequency e.g. if
	P12 is in LX or P1 in HX. 020325

2002-03-21 08:26  bhn

	* server/common/descrip.mms: Add printRequests

2002-03-20 12:45  bhn

	* server/Wec/stwec/WecMode.c: Adjust code to allow for more than
	one satellite, VMS only

2002-03-20 12:40  bhn

	* server/Wec/stwec/ReadMacroDat.c: Restore start of mode string

2002-03-19 20:29  bhn

	* server/Wec/stwec/ReadMacroDat.c: Avoid array overrun, VMS only.
	Start of mode str

2002-03-19 20:27  bhn

	* server/Wec/Eph/EphCalcPhase.c: Remove some printf, VMS only

2002-03-19 16:06  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isGetDataLite.m: Allow for variable
	depth of dataset specification in call to this function.

2002-03-19 12:51  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/diff_val.m: This function is now
	deprecated. Use matlabs unique() instead.

2002-03-19 12:46  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/toepoch.m: Replaced the home-grown
	function diff_val() with matlabs unique().

2002-03-18 21:27  bhn

	* server/Wec/HkStat.c: Add two printf, VMS only

2002-03-18 21:11  bhn

	* clients/cluster/whk/descrip.mms: Add dependency

2002-03-18 21:10  bhn

	* clients/cluster/whk/whkcb.c: Correct actual argument to

2002-03-18 21:06  bhn

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/HkeepTlm.c: Add VMS specifics. Replace NULL with

2002-03-18 10:27  tobbe

	* server/common/printRequests.c: Changed printouts to standard out
	since this gives better results when printing to a file while
	running the dbh.

2002-03-18 10:08  tobbe

	* server/common/Imakefile: Added library $ISDAT_ROOT/lib/Is and
	file printReq.c.

2002-03-16 23:43  bhn

	* clients/cluster/whk/whk.opt: New file

2002-03-16 23:40  bhn

	* server/:, Wec/ Changed
	'create/fdl' to 'create'

2002-03-16 23:38  bhn

	* descrip.mms: Changed 'time' to 'show time'

2002-03-16 16:02  blybekk

	* operators/fft/FFTcallback.c: The default for the fft operator is
	now set to (in function FftParamInit) :     fft size	 128	
	mode	Manual	   real samples 128	window	Hamming     shift  
	      64     output  PS 			 Spectra All

2002-03-14 20:05  tobbe

	* server/common/dispatch.c: Added functionality to print any
	GetData request sent to the server to facilitate debugging of
	production dbh:s. Add -DprintReq to the makefile to enable.

2002-03-14 15:28  tobbe

	* server/common/printRequests.c: Provides the functions:
	DbDataSpec2DbSpecName that can convert a DbDataSpec to a DbSpecName
	from inside the dbh and also printGetDataReq that prints a given
	Data request in a iscmd form

2002-03-12 21:18  tobbe

	* util/connections: Utility to view the connections to a dbh with
	the given number. Must be run locally.

2002-03-12 18:42  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/flat_file.c: The test on time shift was only
	useful in multi column output.	The test on multiple time shifts
	are not needed any more and is removed. (It was also wrong and did
	not permit any time shifts in flat files).

2002-03-12 01:19  yuri

	* operators/correl/correl.c: replace include of malloc.h by
	stdlib.h for FreeBSD, which is necessary since ve rsion 5.0.

2002-03-12 01:17  yuri

	* lib/Ts/: arma.c, correl.c, filter.c, maynefir.c, mem.c: replace
	include of malloc.h by stdlib.h for FreeBSD, which is necessary
	since version 5.0.

2002-03-11 21:10  tobbe

	* server/Csds/MapAdmin.c: Expanded hardcoded buffer so the dbh does
	not crash when indexgenerating some CDF files.

2002-03-09 09:02  bhn

	* clients/cluster/descrip.mms: Add build of whk

2002-03-09 09:01  bhn

	* clients/cluster/whk/descrip.mms: New file

2002-03-09 09:00  bhn

	* clients/cluster/whk/whkupdate.c: Changed to static char msg

2002-03-06 14:45  tobbe

	* util/ added functionality to lokk for
	misspaced files.  Now also adds SP files to the contentsfile. 
	Various exit codes if error.  /Tobbe

2002-03-06 14:43  tobbe

	* util/ Fixed indexing bug.

2002-03-05 11:18  bhn

	* clients/cluster/efwstat/descrip.mms: Added DEPSLIB

2002-03-01 10:03  aie

	* server/Wec/Locate.c: Fix for allowing any data in EFW internal
	Previously, it was assumed that the EFW internal burst contained
	data from H or U filters. In this version, anything is allowed. The
	change presumably slows down the EFW server a little, as it now
	will check for the availability of burst data whatever EFW data you
	ask for (even L and bias and sweeps).  The variant of allowing M,
	U, H, BP and BPC was considered, but the test for these cases was
	assumed to take even longer time. I may well be wrong.

2002-02-26 17:21  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_despin.hlp: v0 = despin(q0)

2002-02-25 15:26  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/spect/igrcolcod.c: Update on ploting labels

2002-02-25 15:24  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/postscript/post_global.h: add option several
	colors in one text line

2002-02-25 15:21  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/postscript/post_func.c: New function

2002-02-25 15:20  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/index.html: Add some more help

2002-02-25 15:18  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/help/igr_about.hlp: version 3.4

2002-02-25 15:16  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/x11.c: New function IgrTextColor()

2002-02-25 15:11  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/: spectra.h, spectra_ctrl.c: Add labels below

2002-02-25 15:07  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/spectra.c: Add labels below spectrograms

2002-02-25 15:05  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/proto.h: Add some prototypes

2002-02-25 15:02  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/plot.c: Add possible to have several colors
	in panel top text.

2002-02-25 14:59  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/main.c: Add option setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,"C")

2002-02-25 14:57  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/igr.h: Version 3.4

2002-02-25 14:55  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/func.c: Add option SetLC_Numeric

2002-02-25 14:52  blybekk

	* clients/general/igr/color.c: Add function IgrGetPostcriptColor()

2002-02-15 14:50  mdd

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffCal.c: Correction of bugs remaining in the
	selection of the right calibration filename lines 141 and 147
	M.Dedieu CVS 

2002-02-12 09:58  deconchy

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffSa.c: Definition of "despin_mode".
	Corrections in automatic detection of the last version of the
	calibration files.

2002-02-12 09:53  deconchy

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffReadSa.c: For despin ON,spinned components
	are multiplied by 2 at level1 to correct an error in ADSP tables.

2002-02-12 09:48  deconchy

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffPAssage.c: Use of "despin_mode" instead of

2002-02-12 09:42  deconchy

	* server/Wec/Staff/StaffReadSa.h: Definition of a new variable for

2002-01-22 22:25  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/toepoch.m: Fixed a error in the
	vectorized calculation of the epoch time.  This error arose if
	times with different years were present (as opposed to all times
	being in within the same calendar year).

2002-01-22 19:08  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/fromepoch.m: Should now correctly
	handle fractions of (or decimal) seconds. Before the time was
	rounded down to nearest second.

2002-01-22 16:02  simon

	* clients/cluster/whk/Imakefile: Imakefile for ted free version

2002-01-16 20:44  tc

	* clients/APIs/matlab/matlib/isGetDataLite.m: Corrected an
	erroneous conversion to real if data has no complex part.

2002-01-16 16:18  simon

	* clients/cluster/whk/: Imakefile, Whk.res, main.c, progress.c,
	whk.cli, whk.h, whk_gui.c, whk_gui.h, whkcb.c, whkupdate.c: new TED
	free version

2002-01-16 16:16  simon

	* clients/cluster/whk/: Makefile, Whk.res, main.c, progress.c,
	whk.1, whk.h, whk.hlp, whk_gui.c, whk_gui.h, whkcb.c, whkupdate.c:
	removal ot TED depentent form

2002-01-14 18:21  tobych

	* server/Wec/Dwp/: DwpCal.c, DwpData.c, DwpExtract.c, DwpExtract.h:
	Changed type of DbCLU_DWP_ENERGY1,2 to float rather than double, to
	make MATLAB access straightforward.

2001-12-17 11:46  simon

	* operators/resample/resample.c: Added RemoveDialButton especially
	for linux Lybekk

2001-12-14 13:30  simon

	* operators/ct/ctOperator.c: updated/corrected interface between
	teh call to ctGeneralTransformation in ctOperator and its
	implementation in ctTransformation.c

2001-12-14 13:27  simon

	* operators/ct/ctTransformations.c: Now uses a consistant data type
	(RD2) for transformation matrices (previous version varied between
	RF2 and RD2) Calculates an extra transformation matrix at or after
	the end of segment so that the whole data set will be transformed,
	rather than having zeros for teh last <4 mins.	Corrected wrap for
	slong calculation in CT_Sun

2001-12-14 13:20  simon

	* operators/ct/ctJoinAndMatrixTools.c: Now has a conststant data
	type for teh transformation matrix Before it was RF2 AND RD2, now
	it is RD2.

2001-12-13 09:47  bhn

	* descrip.mms: Change version to 2.8.0

2001-12-12 17:49  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwLow.c: Removed diagnostic printouts which I
	forgot to do before original commit. Sorry/Anders

2001-12-12 17:48  aie

	* server/Wec/Efw/EfwLow.c: EFW timing correction for group delay in
	L and M filters
	Method: Correct for delay in L and M filters data by subtracting 80
	and 80/18 = 4.44 ms from the time, respectively.
	Applies to: LX and HX data in normal mode or any tape mode.
	Does not apply to: EFW internal burst data.  H and U filters (i.e.
	no correction for these even if put in LX or HX data).
	Restrictions: 1. 80 ms has been taken as a representative value for
	all probes and all s/c, which is not necessarily true. Refined
	results could be obtained from statistics of the individual s/c and
	probes.  2. The filters are not completely flat. The 80 ms were
	obtained from cross covariance of V3M to V3L (corrected by 18/17 to
	allow for the delay in the M filter), for a signal dominated by the
	spin modulation. Higher frequencies should have longer delay; about
	90 ms may be expected at 8 Hz.	3. Note that the Isdat timing of
	V1L and V2L in LX is off by 3/450 s (they are given the same timing
	as V3L and V4L, which really are sampled 3/450 s later -- this is a
	conscious feature, documented by Anders L in the code).
	Tests: (a) Comparison of flat files of V1L, V3L, V12L, V12M (25
	S/s), and V12M (450 S/s) obtained using old and new timing verified
	that this worked technically.  (b) Comparison of V3L to V3M and V4L
	to V4M for 2001-03-31 showed that after the change, the VxL and VxM
	curves lie on top of each other.  (c) See IRFU-EFW-TN-0010, "EFW
	filter group delay", Anders Eriksson, 13 Dec 2001.
	Hacker: 2001-12-12

2001-12-11 15:26  simon

	* server/Wec/Hkeep/HkeepTlm.c: Changed if (str2) to if (
	strlen(str2)) to keep linux Lybekk happy