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ISDAT General Requirements

At the start of the ISDAT development, the following set of general requirements were adopted:
The ISDAT should provide:
  • An interactive data analysis environment that allows independent analysis programs (clients) to co-operate, enabling the user to analyse and view data sets from different projects and instruments.
  • Raw data unpacking, de-commutation, and calibration in a server "hidden" from the application processes (clients). This should provide a uniform way to access data from different projects in a uniform manner and also provide a well controlled maintenance of the software since the above mentioned fumctions would reside in one known location in the software.
  • Access to several data bases concurrently, locally or remotely.
  • Operation over local and wide area networks.
  • "Pipe mechanisms" to allow the user to modify the behaviour of existing programs at run time. Thus it should be possible to "pipe" the data through a set of filters set up by the user. The filters should be separate progrms that can perform for example time series analysis, data export/import etc.
  • Interfaces to commercial program packages as for example IDL and MATLAB.
  • Means for the user with little programming experience to add new data analysis programs. Extensive library support should aid in such developments.
  • Means to easily set together analysis programs from different research laboratories.
  • Operation on several of the commonly used types of work stations.

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