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Swedish Plasma and Space Physics Workshop 2010

Swedish Plasma and Space Physics Workshop/Plasma- och rymdfysik möte 2010

The plasma phyics section of the Swedish Physical Society and scientists interested in space physics have had for several years their annual meetings separately. In the year 2010 we will try to create synergy and organize the meeting together. We will meet in Uppsala, on February 18-19, 2010, thursday-friday.

Svensksa fysikersamfundets plasma sektion och rymdfysikerna har i flera år haft årliga möten var för sig. I 2010 försöker vi att skapa synergism och organiserar ett gemensamt möte. Vi träffas i Uppsala, 18-19 Februari 2010, torsdag till fredag.


Information for visitors

The workshop will have have the Beurlingsroom on the ground floor of the Ångströmlaboratoriet of the Uppsala University plus smaller meeting rooms for splinter sessions.

Preliminary Programme

February 18, Thursday: 
  • 09:00-10.00: Coffee at the IRF Uppsala, hus/house 8, floor 3 tr., guided institute tour, poster preview in the Beurling room

  • 10.00-11.15: Presentations, summarizing group activities or describing results of relatively wide interest
    • 10.00-10.36: Chalmers Inst. för Teknisk Fysik, Nukleär Teknik
      • Impurity transport in tokamak plasmas (Tünde Fülöp)
      • Effect of electric fields on the neoclassical transport in the tokamak pedestal (Istvan Pusztai)
      • Simulation of runaway electron generation during plasma shutdown by impurity injection (Tamas Feher)
      • Runaway electron losses due to resonant magnetic perturbations (Gergely Papp)
    • 10.36-11.03: Umeå, Institutionen för Fysik
      • A comparison of classical and quantum mechanical theory of plasma waves (Gert Brodin)
      • A generalized Vlasov theory for spin-1/2 particles (Jens Zamanian)
      • A comparison of classical and quantum mechanical theory of plasma  waves (Martin Stefan)
    • 11.03-11.21: IRF Uppsala
  • 11.21-12.21: Coffee and posters
  • 12.21-13.15: Continued Presentations
    • 12.21-12.48: IRF Kiruna
    • 12.48-13.06: KTH, Fusionsplasma
      • Overview of the European fusion programme and the ITER experiment (James Drake)
      • A JET tokamak with ITER-Like Wall (Marek Rubel)
    • 13.06-13.15: KTH, Rymdfysik
      • Overview of Space Plasma Physics at the Alfvénlaboratory (Göran Marklund)
  • 13.15: Lunch with local space physics friends at Cafe Ångström
  • 14:00: Celsius Lecture (Siegbahnsalen): Prof. Anton Zeilinger, Quantum information and the foundation of quantum theory
    • -15.30: Coffee after the lecture

  • 15.30-15.45: Introduction to splinter sessions. Splinter sessions are meetings among a small group of scientists discussing relatively specialized topics. 
    • 15.45-17.45: Splinter sessions
      • Fusion Plasma Physics, runaway electrons (Tamas Feher)
      • Fusion Plasma Physics, electric fields and transport (Istvan Pusztai)
      • Space plasma turbulence and its intermittent properties (Emiliya Yordanova and Vladimir Pavlenko)
      • Finite gyroradius effect in laboratory and space plasma (Masatoshi Yamauchi)
    • 17.45-18.00: TBD

  • 18:30 Workshop dinner, place TBD
February 19, Friday:
  • 9:00 Splinter sessions, normally topics different from the previous day 
    • Ion outflow (Hans Nilsson)
    • Electric fields at gradients (Andris Vaivads)
    • Similarities and differences between the dusty space plasma in the Earth's ionosphere and Saturn magnetosphere and impurities in fusion plasma (Muhammad Shafiq and Stephan Buchert)
  • 10:30 Coffee
  • 11:00 Presentation of splinter session summaries
  • 11:30 Towards imaging plasma dynamics in 3D
  • 12:30 Lunch


The local organizers are Stephan Buchert and Andris Vaivads.
The deadline for registration has now passed. Please let me know if you
have suggestions for splinter sessions, (preliminary) titles of your
presentations, and if you would like to have assistance for reserving

Please point colleagues and students who might be
interested to join the workshop to this announcemnet.
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