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Operations planning for Freja

(particularly for the F4 wave instrument)

This page contains informations on how (some of the) instruments on the Freja satellite were operated from February 1993 up to and including June 1995, when the regular coverage by the ground stations at Esrange and Prince Albert ceased. Operations at a lower intensity (fewer orbits per day covered and only by Esrange) continued up to October 1996, when the satellite finally died.

Operations were planned each month by a scientist-in-charge (SIC), who was one of the Freja PIs, changing every month. The planning files prepared by the SIC were distributed to the Freja community by e-mail, and the instruments could then plan their operations from this information. The planning work of the SIC was greatly facilitated by a program developed by Nick Lloyd (F3C).

We in Uppsala planned the operations of the F4 wave instrument. The operations of this instrument were partly coordinated with the F3C cold plasma analyzer, the F3H hot plasma instrument, and the F6 electron gun experiment. Hence, the planning files for F4 contains some information on these instruments as well. Also, the operations of F4 imposes some constraints on the use of the F1 electric field instrument, since we both used the same set of probes.


There is no guarantee whatsoever that the documents presented here will be simple to read and understand. On the contrary, some knowledge about the Freja instruments is generally needed to get anything useful out of this information. See articles in Space Science Reviews, vol 70, nos 3 - 4, 1994.
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