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Tenth EISCAT-3D User Meeting

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EISCAT_3D User Meeting 2023

  The EISCAT_3D (E3D) project, stage 1, is being constructed with sites in Skibotn (Norway), Karesuvanto (Finland), and Kaiseniemi. User meetings have been regularly held, with a break in year 2022. The meetings provide a forum for interested scientists who may or may not be directly involved in the design and construction of the E3D project, and also for persons working more with its administrative, logistic, and technical aspects.

The 15th E3D UM will take place within May 23-25, 2023, tentatively for  2 days, lunch-to-lunch. This was the most voted date/time on a Poll. It will be hybrid meeting with the possibility of attendance either in person or online.

The web pages of previous meetings, 14th E3D UM  and 13th E3D UM and earlier, can give an impression for the arrangements and programme which include in some cases links to the presentation slides.


Registration can still be done by filling this form. The names and email addresses of registered persons will be used to provide the Zoom link and other updates about the meeting by email. The names and emails of persons will be stored as long as E3D User meetings are regularly held, unless specific removals are requested.


Contributions on any E3D related subject can still be submitted. Especially encouraged for the 15th meeting are contributions related to software interfaces between E3D and users, and on the scientific analysis of E3D data would also be suitable subjects.. A session "E3D software and system discussion" as a follow-up of the Tromsø meeting in December 2022 is planned. Also, contributions on the future of the ESR and Heating facilities are very welcome. The registration form allows to optionally enter title and abstract of a presentation/poster, or email to me.

Preliminary programme with approximate timing (all times are CEST=GMT+2 hours):

    May 23, Tuesday, 13.20-17.15, Room 13167:
        13.20-13.30: Practical information
        13.30-14.00: Harri Hellgren, Status of the EISCAT_3D project (online)
        14.00-14.30: Yasunbo Ogawa, EISCAT_3D Common Programmes (online)

        14.30-15.00: Coffee break

        15.00-15.30: Anita Aikio,
            Some considerations of distribution of EISCAT_3D time for scientific targets

        15.30-16.00: Lindis Merete Bjoland, Space weather with EISCAT_3D
        16.00-16.30: Antti Kero, Ground truth validation of EPP input used
           in CMIP6 climate models
16.30-16.50 Stephan Buchert, Joule Heating and the Atmospheric Dynamo
        16.50-17.15: Discussion on opportunities for new observations and science
           with E3D, last minute contributions on the subject

    March 24, Wednesday, 09.00-~17.00:
        09.00-11.00: Harri Hellgren, et al., E3D software and system, discussion (online)
        11.00-11.45: IRFU seminar, Stefan Eriksson (LASP): On the Signatures of
              Reconnection Generated Magnetic Islands in the Solar Wind

        11.45-13.30: Lunch break

        13.30-14.00: Ilkka Virtanen,
             On E3D data analysis and measurement error estimation
        14.00-14.30: Neethal Thomas, Study of Incoherent scatter measurements
             of ion-neutral collision frequencies and neutral temperatures
             in the D region ionosphere
        14.30-15.00: Coffee break

        15.00-15.30: Stephan Buchert, HP computing incl. IS analysis with Julia
15.30-17.00: Discussion on IS data analysis and other user software,
             repositories (github etc) and other tools, last minute contributions
    March 25, Thursday, 09.30-~11.30:
        Other EISCAT facilities (ESR, Heater), supporting infrastructure and instruments,
        last minute contributions

        Thomas Ulich, “Ground-based Operations and EISCAT_3D – Thoughts and Updates”
Lisa Baddeley, ESR, Svalbard
        Daniel Kastinen, "Meteor and space object research at IRF, Preview"

after lunch and after E3D UM:

14.00-15.00: UU Astronomy Seminar, Location: 101130Å,
              Daniel Kastinen, "Meteor and space object research at IRF"
(no Zoom)
Practical Information

For attendance in person the meeting will take place at the IRF premises at the Ångström Laboratory of the Uppsala University. They are located in the 4th and 3rd floor Ångströms "house 8". Most of the time we will be in the project room on the 3rd floor. On Wednesday morning the UM is in the "Viking room" on the 4th floor.

The main parts of the Ångström Laboratory are freely accessible during normal working hours. To get into the IRF premises, please press the button for the bell at the entrance door. My mobile phone is +46708566324.

We do not intend to record the meeting but will make presentation slides publicly available also for some time after the meeting, if the presenter agrees.

Venue and Transport

The venue is the Ångström Laboratory of the Uppsala University. This campus is located about 2.5 km from central Uppsala, and can be reached by public bus, several lines, 4, 12, ..., bicycle, e-scooter, or on foot, especially when the weather is nice.


We recommend to reserve accommodation early. Most of the available accommodation is within walking distance from central Uppsala. The well-known portals for hotel booking have relatively complete lists of available accommodations, at a wide range of standards and prices. If you would like help for finding accommodation, please contact Stephan.

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