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Sixteenth EISCAT-3D User Meeting

                  EISCAT Scientific Association                    EISCAT Scientific Association                                           

The 17th EISCAT_3D User Meeting, 2024/1

  will take place in May 14-15, probably in Uppsala.

16th EISCAT_3D User Meeting 2023/2

  The 16th E3D User Meeting (UM) took place on November 30 and December 1, 2023 (week 48). The UM was hybrid, i.e. physical attendance is at EISCAT/IRF Rymdcampus in Kiruna, and online participation via Zoom.

      participants in the IRF Aula

Subjects of presentations/discussions were first experiments, their data organization, profiles vs voxels, E3D Common Programmes, and Visualization.

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46 participants had registered. The names and email addresses of registered persons are used to provide the Zoom link and other updates about the meeting by email. They will be stored as long as E3D User meetings are regularly held, unless specific removals are requested.


Programme with approximate timing (all times are CET=GMT+1 hour):

    November 30, Thursday, 13.20-16.30, Location IRF Aula, Zoom link via email
        13.20-13.30: Practical information
        13.30-14.00: Harri Hellgren,
            EISCAT_3D project status
        14.00-14.30: Carl-Fredrik Enell,
            EISCAT_3D scheduling and coordination (in-situ)
        14.30-15.00: Ilkka Virtanen, From speed maps to plasma parameter errors:
            an update to the ISgeometry package

        15.00-15.30: Coffee break

        15.30-16.00: Spencer Mark Hatch, E3Doubt: A python package
            for E3D experiment planning and uncertainty estimation
        16.00-16.30: Stephan Buchert,
            Joule Heating and the Atmospheric Dynamo (in-situ)

16.39: Bus 501 to Kiruna city, or
            general discussion and posters possible "splinters" until next bus at 18.30.

        16.30-17.00: Ruslan Sherstyukov,
            Deep Learning Implementation for Ionogram Scaling (in-situ)

    December 1, Friday, 09.00-lunch, Location IRF Aula, Zoom link via email
        08.40: Bus 501 from Kiruna city arrives
        09.00-09.30: Mizuki Fukizawa, Feasibility study to estimate the ion velocity field
            in the F region from the EISCAT_3D radar observations
        09.30-10.00: Juan Araújo,
            Post-processing and visualization of ISR data (online)
        10.00-10.30: Urban Brändström,
            ALIS_4D progress report (in-situ)

        10.30-11.00: Coffee break

        11.00-11.20: Johan Kero, Interstellar meteors
            and the need to enable independent examination of raw data
        11.20-11.50: Daniel Kastinen,
            Workshop on user needs in data levels and meta data (in-situ)
            Photos of the Whiteboard
        11.50-12.05: Thomas Ulichn,
            Activating the EISCAT User Community (in-situ)

List of Posters:

* in-situ=presentation at EISCAT HQ/IRF in person and via Zoom

Practical Information

The workshop took place at the EISCAT HQ/IRF in Kiruna. The Kiruna rymdcampus can be reached by bus 501 of Länstrafiken Norrbotten.  Online participation is via the Zoom tool licensed by IRF, i.e. there is no exchange of personal data such as names and email addresses with third parties. We did not record the meeting but make presentation slides publicly available also for some time after the meeting, if the presenters provided them and agreed.


For questions and comments please contact Stephan Buchert or Thomas Ulich.

EISCAT_3D, a short description

More information can be found at the E3D web site.