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Getting Isdat

  • April 2021 The Bugzilla, ISDAT server status page, and CVS is no longer operational. Work in progress to move towards git.
  • February 2011 ISDAT clients for MacOSX released.
  • January 2011 Mini-distribution of ISDAT clients updated.
  • March 2007 Beta version of mini-distribution of ISDAT clients is available.
  • March 2007 Public ISDAT server is now available at db.irfu.se:0.
  • June 2006 IGR VERSION 4.50 released, available in CVS.
  • April 2006 Wec server in the CVS is again operational after reimport of TED 2.4.
  • August 2005 A Status Page with ISDAT servers has been set up ISDAT Servers Status Page
  • August 2005 Bugzilla bug reporting system now up and running see submit bugs

About Isdat

Isdat is a client-server system for accessing scientific data, primarily developed for and by the Wave Experiment Consortium on the Cluster satellites. The server part of Isdat has modules to read various kinds of data, which are then presented in a unified format to the clients. On the client side, there is a high-level generic browser client, igr, several specialized clients and APIs not only for C but also for Matlab, IDL and Java. This gives a tremendous flexibility for getting data from various sources (ISDAT servers, which may be spread around the globe) in a unified way.

ISDAT runs on most Unix systems, including not only Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD and HP-UX but also MacOsX. It also runs on VMS, and ISDAT clients are able to run under Cygwin on MS Windows. ISDAT is distributed as source code, which after some user configuration is built using Imake. The ISDAT core can be distributed freely, though some server modules for reading data from specific instruments can be proprietary. The ISDAT server includes possibilities for access control.


[Is dat ISDAT?]
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ISDAT system maintainers -- the ISDAT Hall of Fame:
Other people are responsible for particular packages, clients, server modules etc.

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