[Picture of Freja] Artist's impression of Freja in space
Freja is a Swedish-German satellite for the detailed exploration of the topside ionosphere and lower magnetosphere. It was launched on October 6, 1992, on a Chinese Long March rocket. The main phase of the data acquistion ended in June 30, 1995, but the satellite was alive and took some data up to mid-October 1996, when it finally stopped after an excellent record of four years of operations.

[Freja mockup] The Freja mockup now is placed in the entrance hall at the Swedish Space Corporation. More pictures here!

Scientific instruments

There were several scientific instruments onboard Freja, numbered F1 to F7. We at the Uppsala Division of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics had PI responsibility for the Freja Wave and Plasma Density Instrument (F4). Pages with information on the other Freja instruments, in some cases with data and results, are given here:

Freja operations

The operations of Freja, particularly what regards the F4 instrument, is documented here. This is rather technical information, useful only if you are familiar with the Freja instruments.

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