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Initial data from the Rosetta LAP instrument

Undergraduate thesis NV1 (Examensarbete NV1, 10p)
Department of Astronomy and Space Physics, Uppsala University

Student: Mathieu Lonjaret
Supervisor: Anders Eriksson
Work performed at: Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala

The project considered our Langmuir probe instrument LAP on ESA's Rosetta mission to comet Churyomov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta was launched in March 2, 2004, and is planned to reach the comet in 2014. However, we got the first LAP measurements in the solar wind already in May 2004. Within this project, a tool for rapidly browsing Langmuir probe sweeps was developed, and was used for a preliminary analysis of the data obtained during commissioning. The project was initiated in March 2004 and completed in June 2004.

Project plan (PDF, 9 kB)

Project report (PDF, 610 kB)

[LAP sweep browser]
Screen dump of the browser tool developed in the project. The probe bias sweep is plotted in the centre panel, with green and blue points for measured data, and magenta and red lines for fits to a given theoretical model. The fit parameters are listed in the left text panel, while the text panel at right displays auxilliary information describing the data.

Rosetta with our Langmuir probes
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