European Cluster Assimilation Technology Project
an EU/FP7 science research project


Funded by EU/FP7


                      About data products:

  • Resources that ECLAT will provide to the CAA include ground-based contextual observations for the Cluster mission, including SuperDARN ionospheric convection measurements, MIRACLE measurements of ionospheric currents in the Scandinavian sector, detailed magnetic field modelling and Cluster footprint tracing, detailed Cluster boundary-crossings information, and state-of-the-art physics-based modelling of the magnetosphere using the GUMICS code.

ECLAT Consortium

uk-flagUniversity of Leicester

swe-flagInstitutet för rymdfysik

russia-flagSt. Petersburg State University

finland-flagFinnish Meterological Institute

austria-flagOesterreichische Akademie der 

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