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EISCAT-3D Software and Data Workshop

      EISCAT Scientific Association                                               

EISCAT_3D Software/Data Workshop 2021_1

  The first EISCAT_3D (E3D) workshop addressing aspects of software and data took place on September 14, 9-13 CET. Topics are experiment design, computing functions and visualization. EISCAT developers will go through the present situation of the system in order to achieve a good understanding of what the design is aiming for. An E3D Software Working Group  will be defined and started. Submission of contributions from users are welcome.

The workshop went on as an online meeting for half a day.

The familiar E3D user meetings covering E3D related science and technical aspects in a broader way will of course continue to be held as well. The next user meeting is anticipated for ~Novermber 2021.

This announcement was last updated on September 20, 2021.


A registration was required by filling a Google form. The names and email addresses of registered persons are used to provide the Zoom link and other updates about the meeting by email. They will be stored as long as E3D workshops and meetings are regularly held, unless specific removals are requested.


Foci of the workshop are presentations of the E3D software and data system, a discussion of it, and establishment of a E3D Software Working Group with a broad representation of the users. Also, users are encouraged to present their own activities and results related to E3D data. Suggestions and comments can be submitted via the registration form.

The preliminary agenda is:

Practical Information

The workshop uses the Zoom tool licensed by the Uppsala University, The server is operated by Uppsala University which assures that no data exchange with third parties occurs. We do not intend to record the meeting but will make presentation slides publicly available also for some time after the meeting, if the presenter agrees.