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Rosetta Mars flyby: geometry and modeling

Niklas Edberg, Ronan Modolo, Anders Eriksson

This page contains plots showing the geometry of the Rosetta Mars flyby in 25 February 2007, and some modeling results. The work is done as an undergraduate project work by Niklas Edberg. Trajectory files provided by ESOC are transformed into suitable coordinates. The data are combined with hybrid simulations computed by Ronan Modolo and Gérard Chanteur, and the crustal magnetic field model of Jafar Arkani-Hamed, to produce predictions of plasma parameters and the magnetic field as seen on Rosetta, to facilitate operations planning.


Trajectory plots in MSO coordinates (X to sun, Z along Mars orbital angular momentum vector), with Phobos and Deimos orbits:

Hybrid simulations

Plasma and external magnetic field modeling, using the hybrid multi-species hybrid model developped by Ronan Modolo and Gérard Chanteur (CETP/IPSL, France), describe the solar wind interaction with Mars:

Crustal field model

Crustal magnetic field modeling, using Jafar Arkani-Hamed's crustal field model:
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