Core Course: Ionospheric and Magnetospheric Physics, 7.5 ECTS, VT 2011 

Instructor: Stephan Buchert (Room 14240,, Phone 018 471 5928 Mobile 070856324)
Scientists, incl. S.B., Andris Vaivads, and Yuri Khotyaintsev, will give seminars, small training projects are offered to be performed by students.

Time: February - April, 2011. Start date: February 3.

Place: Probably the Freja room at Space Physics, depends on the number of participants. Visits of the Alfvén Laboratory of the KTH in Stockholm are foreseen on two course days or more.

Registration: If you are interested to participate and would like to, please notify Stephan Buchert ( as soon as possible.

Course Description

Goal & Content: This graduate-level course is intended to give insights into the physics of magnetospheres, i. e. a region around a body in space where the motion of charged particles is dominated by the magnetic field. Mainly magnetospheres of planets and moons in our solar system will be included. This course will emphasize the interaction between the magnetosphere, ionosphere, and upper atmosphere. Seminars cover basic concepts relevant in magnetospheres and ionospheres, electrodynamics, electric current systems flowing in the ionospere and magnetosphere, Earth magnetic storms and substorms, aurora, magnetohydrodynamics, magnetic reconnection, closed and open field lines, charged particle motion, corotation, radio emission, etc. Training projects involve the use of freely available satellite data and ground-based observations as well as numerical calculations to illustrate concepts discussed in seminars. Subjects from the course are also relevant in solar physics, particularly the chromosphere and some astrophysical objects, most notably pulsars.

Literature (preliminary list):
Prerequisites: Knowledge of courses space physics 1 and 2 or equivalent.

Examination: Examination will be based on seminar attendance, presentations of selected subject sections, as well as assignments done individually or in groups.